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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Holly's Great Show Weekend

Holly had a wonderful show weekend in Wetaskiwin Alberta.

Her colored doe HHR's Patra won Reserve In Show in the all breed show and her white buck HHR's Enoch won Best In Show in the specialty show.

Top photo is Holly's husband Glenn at the right with judge Scott and HHR's Enoch. The second photo is HHR's Petra in a pretty sitting pose.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Stephanie's Baby Grows Up in Shows

In January 2007, one month after Stephanie gave birth to her precious little princess, she did the superintendent's job at the Sonoma Marin RA show. She brought her baby to the show. In the bottom picture, judge Doug was holding the little one-month old.

In October 2007, Stephanie brought her baby girl to the ARBA convention in Grand Rapids. The fourth photo shows Stephanie with her daughter in Michigan.

In February 2008, Stephanie and baby girl were in the Big Valley RA show. This time, we got close-ups of the little princess. The first three photos were taken on February 2 this year.

How many little one can claim to have gone to an ARBA national convention before one year old? Stephanie's little girl can. What a memory when she grows up.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yuan Shia Festival

Today is the "Yuan Shia Festival" on the Lunar calendar. It is better known as the Lantern Festival in the western terms. For most Chinese, Yuan Shia Festival is considered as a more descriptive term of this festival.

Yuan stands for "New Year" or "Beginning", Shia stands for "Late" or "End"; Yuan Shia means the end of the Lunar New Year celebration.

To round off the New Year celebration, there is a traditional treat associated with this festival. It is appropriately called "Yuan Shia". It's a sweet round ball made from sweet rice powder as the outer wrap with sesame or sweet bean paste inside.

The top picture is a package of frozen sweet rice balls "Yuan Shia". The second picture is a bowl of 4 cooked sweet rice balls that are ready for consumption.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tracy and Franco Guest Blog About AZ State Convention

This is our first stop. The rest stop on I-5. Notice how neatly Franco packed the van.

It was an uneventful but l-o-n-g ride south and then over to Arizona. Here are the wind mills outside of Palm Springs.We had some very slow traffic through LA and out through San Bernardino. We finally arrived at our motel about 11:30 pm. We lost an hour at the AZ border because of the time change.

Bright and early (9 am or so) my Satin Angoras were on the table. Judge Mike did a thorough job. He's from Texas and doesn't get to see many Satin Angoras.

Mike judging and me writing. Mike expressed interest in coming to California to judge.

Judge Mike giving Rios Carrissa the once over.

Sunday morning. Rios Flame thinks she's a running breed. She did not want to stay in the coop.

Best of Breed Satin Angora Rios Flame, me and Judge Cathy Armstrong from Washington. Flame went on to get an honorable mention from Best in Show Judge Allan Ormond.

We got to see hot air balloons landing in the desert on the way home.The Arizona Convention was a very fun show. The Arizona breeders are very gracious and hospitable. I sold a number of angoras. The food was excellent, I spent a lot of money at the vendors. We are looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Love Rabbit Shows

Isn't this a master art piece?

Blowers are Angora breeders' best friend.

I enjoy some quality grooming time before others arrive. The early morning sun is very comforting.

See what I've won in the raffle!

Christina and I are buddies.

Betty says,

"I love going to shows. Showing rabbits is fun, that's a no-brainer. There are other things that I like too. Here are some pictures taken by me, Larry and Tausha that captured the joy of rabbit shows.

I groom, groom and groom. Would you believe that I really like grooming? I feel like an artist creating a beautiful art piece. When an English Angora is groomed to perfection, no art could rival its beauty.

I have fun doing "junk exchange"; in other words, playing the raffle table. In the fourth picture, I am showing off a pair of crocs that I won in the raffle. The hot pink color is a little loud but the size fits my feet perfectly.

I have fun with friends. In the fifth picture, Christina G. and I are having a good laugh at whatever is going on.

I love rabbit shows."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Lindsay's French Angora Bunnies

Lindsay had a litter of French Angora bunnies on Christmas day and wrote a poem about it, see

Now these bunnies are all weaned and hopping all over. She sends in these pictures to share with us.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

King Feed

King Feed is known for its high quality. It has a lock in formula that means that no ingredient would be substituted regardless of the cost of the ingredients in the market.

Larry is the representative for King rabbit pellets. Recently we caught him in two shows. At the top, he worked at the booth in the RPSCV show in Watsonville. In the second photo, he was talking to Tausha and Christina in the CRCS show in King City. King City is the hometown for King feed; the mill is only a stone throw away from the fairgrounds.

Larry is very friendly, generous and convincing. We enjoy seeing him in rabbit shows.