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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year - Welcome The Year of the Rat

Today is the Chinese New Year on the lunar calendar.  Starting January 25, 2020, it's the Year of the Rat.   Rat is considered as smart, clever and quick thinking.  In this painting, it shows a rat helping a rabbit to find a way to return to safety.   The words on the right says, "Upon entering a cave, the rat finds a lost rabbit. The rat decides to be a guiding friend as they navigate the cave together".

Friday, January 24, 2020

Two Similar Photos, Eight Years Apart

Carolyn writes, "Betty, this picture appeared in my Pinterest. Beautiful EAs and gorgeous sweater".
This picture was taken at a show in Bakersfield in January 2012, the two rabbits are junior bucks. See:

At the Cloverdale show on January 11, 2020, Stephanie took this picture of me carrying three English Angora colored senior bucks to the judging table.    These two pictures were taken 8 years apart, how much is the change?   

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Gina and Casey Visit at Cloverdale

Gina does her annual visit with Betty.  Gina lives close to Santa Rosa so a show at Santa Rosa or Cloverdale or even Petaluma would be good places to visit.    Quintessa completed her stint as a show rabbit and now she is changing her lifestyle into a pampered indoor pet.

Gina brings her best friend Casey with her to Cloverdale,  Gina and Casey both teach at grade school, Gina's subject is music and Casey's art.    Both are very gentle, loving and artistic.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Debbie's English Angora Does Win Double Reserve In Show in Florida

On Sunday January 19, Debbie travels 7-1/2 hours to show in Florida.   Her black English Angora wins Reserve In Show from judge Jennifer Milburn.

The beautiful winner of Reserve In Show.

In the second show on Sunday, Debbie's opal doe wins Reserve In Show from judge Cathy Szychulda.  If we look at the judges, we would think that Debbie is in CA as both Jennifer and Cathy are CA judges.  Nope, they are travel to Florida for this show.

Pretty opal doe.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Casey's Satin Angora Wins Reserve In Show at Gridley

California Rabbit and Cavy Show hold triple all breed shows at Gridley on Saturday, January 18, 2020.   Though not many Angoras were present, it's a big news that Casey's Satin Angora won the Reserve In Show in show B.      This is the first time ever a Satin Angora gets to the top two spot in an all breed show, history is made.   

It's cold and windy at Gridley but grooming is a must regardless of the weather.

It's sunny but cold,  Casey is all bundle up working on the rabbits and keeping in touch with others.

Yes, Casey had a great day!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Angora Wins Best In Show at Bradford Premier Livestock Show

In UK, the Bradford Premier Livestock Show in January is comparable to the ARBA national convention in the US.   

The Best In Show in the 2020 Bradford Premier show is an Angora.   In UK, there is only one breed of Angora, thus no distinction of English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora or Satin Angor.   Since it's UK, the Angora is similar to the English Angora in the US.

The white Angora bred and shown by Adele Fox is the Best In Show winner.  Adele and her Angora are frequent winners in the UK show circuit, see 

A closer look at Adele and her Best In Show winner.   Adele visited the ARBA convention in 2018, see 

Gorgeous Angora.

Our Eric Stewart is in UK as an invited judge judging "International Stake", has a picture taken with Adele and her big winner.

Eric and some Angora breeders at Bradford.

We thank Eric for sending the photos and information.    

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Grandma's 93 Birthday Gift from Misty

At the Dixon show, Misty asked whether I had any Angora yarn and scarf available.  Yes, for sure.  Misty's Grandma was having a birthday soon and mentioned that she missed the rabbit yarns that she used to knit with in the 1940s.  Misty wrote:

"My grandmother was absolutely thrilled with her scarf and yarn :) she is looking up patterns now, excited to see what she will create. This brought back a lot of memories of her farm in the 1940s!  Thanks again".

Abigail hugs great grandma on her birthday.   Angora yarn in the front.