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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Old Fair Photos at Turlock

Fairgrounds have a lot of memories from the past.  Not many fairgrounds display these photos.    At the Stanislaus county fairgrounds at Turlock, two walls are devoted to the old photos.  It's interesting to see the activities and the old outfits that are very different from today.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Is Snoopy on Board?

Betty says,

There is a blimp flying by from the view of our front yard.

It's the MetLife blimp; there isn't any sporting events going on in our town, why is it here?


A zone-in close short of the blimp, Snoopy's image is barely visible before the M of MetLife.

Is Snoopy in the blimp?  


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taelor Walking Pickles

In early February, we saw Taelor bottle feeding her baby goat, see

Baby goat is now strong enough to be on leash.  Most rabbit shows do not allow dogs, except the service dogs, in the showroom but this little doggie-like goat is exempt.

Taelor says, "My goat's name is Pickles".


Pickles, smile, you are on candid camera.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Where is Cassidy?

Cassidy is a handsome French Angora buck.

Cassidy went home with Jessica in January.


Where is Cassidy?   Is he flat on the carpet?  Where is his head?  

It is Cassidy's fleece.  Jessica carefully cut his wool off and tried hard to keep it in a big piece.


Cassidy feels a total freedom when his fleece is removed.   Look at his nice and smooth body!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good Meara Bad Meara

Meara is a gorgeous French Angora.  In the four months that she is in the No. CA show circuit, she has acquired quite a reputation due to her feisty attitude in shows.  She has been called "Meara Fang", "Bitey", "Grouchy", "JAWS" ..., but with an excellent type and top quality wool her attitude does not prevent her from winning 18 Best of Breed awards during these four months.    

   Betty says, "Meara is a home body; she simply does not like to be taken out of her beloved condo.  She is the smartest rabbit that I've ever met. She knows what I am coming for.   If she senses that I'm taking her out to groom or to be loaded in my van to go the show, she gives me a bad attitude and becomes the Bad Meara.  'Go away! Leave me alone!' and gives me a disapproval look"

Betty continues, "When Meara senses that it's the feeding time or the petting time, her face turns soft and sugary, I can hardly push her head into the cage to close the door. She is definitely the Good Meara."

Pet me, scratch my head, love me.

I, the Good Meara, am enjoying it.   

More scratching, more petting, more loving please.

Being held like a baby is one of Good Meara's favorite things.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Found on the Net: Rabbit in Hydrotherapy

In the UK, a "Continental Giant" rabbit named Heidi suffers from arthritis.  
Heidi's mama Amanda pays approximately $50 per session to put Heidi in a heated swimming pool to exercise.

Heidi takes to swimming very well.


Heidi is sure a very lucky rabbit.

Continental Giant in UK is about the same as the Flemish Giant in the US.

To see the detail reports about Heidi's hydrotherapy, go to:,,20679655,00.html?xid=email-peoplepets-20130307

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Best In Show Judging at Stockton

Best In Show judging in show A.   There were 28 Best of Breed rabbits on the table.


Best In Show judging in show B.