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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Baby English Angora Sharing Carriers

Normally each show carrier has one rabbit.   

When there are baby buns going to the show for the first time, it's quite intimidating.  It helps if the sibling are in the same carrier as companions of each other.

Since the carriers are designed for full coated English Angora, there are plenty of room for the youngsters to stay together.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Wool Harvest Time at Carol's Barn

Carol's French Angora has been doing very well in shows lately, Best In Show and Reserve In Show are common place. 
It also means intense grooming of these big coats.   Instead of trying to hold on to all big coats, it's wise to pick and choose which ones to keep and which ones to cut down for breeding and for future shows.

Two chestnut French Angora are on the table being cut down.

Betty is in the process of cutting this big boy and he decides to wrap himself in his own wool.   

Carol is working on this young doe who has won specialty Best In Show in March.

Don't you think I will make a wonderful Lionhead?

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Casey Prepares Satin Angora for Show

Some have a misunderstanding that only English Angora require lots of grooming.  Wrong, all Angoras require grooming, Satin Angora is no exception.   Casey is seen here blow grooming her black Satin Angora doe.   She is also wearing a lacey hat made from her Satin Angora wool.

The Satin Angora has more intense color than the English Angora and even French Angora.

The black Satin Angora doe is almost ready to go onto the show table.

All the colored Satin Angora waiting to be judged.

Judge Bryant likes the black doe and awarded her the BOB.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Remarkable Rabbits by PBS

We probably recall seeing this photo not too long after the ARBA convention at MA.  PBS had a crew filming breeders at the convention and Betty had a small part in the filming.  See 

The full version of the program has been broadcasted on PBS in Canada on Sunday April 7 but only two short versions are available for viewing on the PBS DOC Facebook and also posted on the ARBA website.   If you wish to watch the two short versions, go to      The full length version has much more than just the ARBA convention scenes, it has lots of rabbits in the nature.    I'm very fortunate to have received a DVD that is not yet available on the market.    

In the DVD inside jacket there is a swimming rabbit, it's a "swamp rabbit".   There are many scenes of rabbit in the nature that are absolutely fascinating.  "How did they get the shots?" is what I said over and over.    

This is the actual DVD.    Unfortunately due to copyright, I'm not able to upload it on blog.  It's definitely worth buying when it's available.   The PBS broadcast date in the US is scheduled toward late 2019.     

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Beautiful Wisteria Vine

It's very hard to resist posting photos of the Wisteria Vine in our yard each year.

They blossom gloriously.

The blooming Wisteria has this beautiful purple and lavender color.

On the side yard there is another Wisteria that is pink.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Franco and Tracy Visit at WCC

See who's at the showroom on Saturday during WCC?   It's Franco!
Franco is the administrator of the most used FB California Rabbit Shows site 

Franco and Casey discuss Satin Angora.

What a surprise that Tracy is at the showroom too.   Casey, Tracy, Kellyjo, Franco and Betty have a photo op.
Franco and Tracy were very active in the rabbit show scenes.   Franco had various breeds with their two sons, Tracy's main breed was Satin Angora with a side breed French Angora.   Tracy even did a judges conference session on Satin Angora at one of the ARBA convention.   See some photos from the old days:

Tracy goes to visit Eric.  Franco and Tracy used to live around Sacramento now moved to Reno.   It's a fun time to see them again at Reno during the WCC event.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Colored Giant Angora Display at WCC

There are so much activities going on at Reno that we did not have the chance to share all the photos and information.    Here we are, sharing more photos from WCC.

The Giant Angora breed was accepted in 1988 at the Madison convention in Wisconsin.   At the time, only the white (REW) variety was presented and accepted.  Over the years, there are many attempts to get black Giant Angora accepted but so far no success.   A new group of breeders are holding a Certificate of Development (COD) to present black Giant Angora.  

Tammy and Karin are applying to get a COD on chestnut Giant Angora.   

Eric is the executive director of ARBA, judge, as well as the top French Angora breeder.   Tammy and Karin are seeking advise from Eric.   Kellyjo and Joyce join in the discussion, Kellyjo and Joyce are the COD holders of the broken Satin Angora that has great success in presentation last year.

The 6 chestnut Giant Angora are on the table for Eric to examine and discuss.

Judge Jim joins in the discussion of the potential chestnut Giant Angora development.   Kellyjo's sister and mom also join in.

Eric is very direct and honest in giving Tammy and Karin his opinion about their chestnut Giant Angora.  He tells Tammy and Karin what's good and what's bad about the rabbits on the table.

Tammy and Karin are getting invaluable advises from the judges and experienced COD holders.

ARBA president Josh Humphries has judged the colored Giant Angora the evening prior.

He is impressed with the quality but also knew that they are still in the development stage.

Josh's opinion is also very useful for Tammy and Karin.