Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maureen Goes Back To Show

It has been a hard year for Maureen having to deal with illness in the family, both human and dogs. She took some time off from showing but still keeps the rabbits in show coats.

Last weekend the show was held very close to home, and she went for it. Her rabbits are still at the top of the game. In show A, white doe Bree took Best of Breed and in show B choc tort doe Too Sexy took the breed. Bree is a young first coat rabbit while Too Sexy is just returning to the show table with her second coat. Both are nicely typed with great density.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Randy and Allen's Angora Goats Sweep OFFF

Judge examines the white Angora goat class.

Randy and Allen's handsome Angora buck.

Look at these locks, there's a healthy sheen.

Allen and Randy are getting their goat ready.

More show off of the white Angora goats.

Randy and Allen's Angora goats, colored and white, won prize after prize at the Oregon Flock and Fleece Festival.

The colored goats were featured in the post yesterday; today we have a chance to see their beautiful white Angora goats.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Eric Guest Blogs About Oregon Flock and Fleece Festival

Randy and Allen's Angora goats in the holding pen.

Randy and Allen's beautiful colored Angora goat doe.

Allen, Randy and Muriel.

Eric holds on to the buck when the judge examines the body.

Muriel, Allen and Eric with three colored Angora goats.

The judge awards the prize to the winner buck.

Beautiful locks.

The inside of the beautiful locks.

Judging is over, Randy harvest the mohair while Allen holds on to the goat.

Eric says,

"I am on a high after going to OFFF in OR last weekend. I've been leary to fly since my awful flight back from WY in July when our plane hit a flock of birds; but I got on the plane to OR. Unfortunately, my fleeces and skeins didn't make it in time for the competition, but I was there in time to help groom the goats before the show on Sunday. We groomed goats all day on Saturday and also checked out the booths that were selling everything from processing equipment, dyes, to yak hair. I picked up some different fiber rovings with which to experiment this winter. It is a good thing that I checked an empty suitcase to bring back my finds.

Muriel Keyes came on Sunday morning to help Allen and Randy show their goats. The white classes were small, but the colored classes were very large. I think there were 15 colored buck kids! They came away with Champion Colored Buck, and Reserve Champ Colored Doe. I had a great time, and really learned so much over the weekend. Some of the founders of the breed were at the show as well, making it an opportunity to meet these legendary names in person. We camped out for the weekend, went to dinner with friends, and didn't even discuss rabbits the entire time we were there."

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Aaliyah Wins Specialty Best In Show

Aaliyah is sitting pretty.

Judge Carol G. and Betty with Aaliyah.

In the NCAG specialty show, Betty's lilac tort senior doe Aaliyah took specialty Best In Show.

Aaliyah is a young senior doe that is just coming into prime. She has great density and texture with an excellent body type, she is on her way to making a splash on the show table.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Satin Wins Double Youth Best In Show

Two broken Satin rabbits won Youth Best In Show in A and B in the Sonoma Marin RA show at Santa Rosa. These two Satin belong to Cody but he was not in the show; big brother Justin showed the rabbits for Cody. Justin is pictured with judge Carol G. at the top in show A and in the second picture shows Justin with judge Leslie.

Cody, you got to go to the show, see what you have missed!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Ihrke Family's Dutch Wins Best In Show

Judge Manuel posed with the Ihrke family: Jill, Troy and Aaron Allen with their show B Best In Show Dutch.

Troy and Jill are two rabbit breeders. Troy lived in Minnesota and Jill lived in California. They met in an ARBA convention and they fell in love, love for each other and love for rabbits.

They formed a new family and settled in CA, then little Aaron Allen joined the family, now the Irhke family have three rabbit breeders.

Though both Troy and Jill have had won Best In Show individually in the past, this is their first win of Best In Show as a family. Their black Dutch won all breed Best In Show in show B in the Sonoma Marin RA show at Santa Rosa.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Samatha Wins All Breed Best In Show

Samantha in a pretty pose.

Judge Leslie and Betty with Samantha.

Sonoma Marin Rabbit Association holds double fall show in conjunction with the Harvest Festival in Santa Rosa.

In show A, Betty's English Angora white senior doe Chu's Samantha took all breed Best In Show. Samantha has not been in shows for a couple of months. The number of white English Angora in shows had been small. At the SMRA show, with several exhibitors showing white, Samantha took a plunge and went back to the shows. First show after a long hiatus is the charm and she wins the big prize.