Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Show C Best In Show Judging at Petaluma

Best In Show judge for show C is Kate Smith of CA.  

At the left end are the French Angora and English Angora.

Judge Kate examines the French Angora BOB.

The English Angora BOB is on the table.

Judge Kate's pick for show C Best In Show is Kristen's Californian.

Judge Kate choses Betty's French Angora as the Reserve In Show.  

Friday, September 06, 2019

Show B Best In Show Judging at Petaluma

Best In Show judge in show B is Maddie Pratt of Michigan.

The BOB Satin Angora, French Angora and English Angora are on the very left end of the table.

Judge Maddie examines the French Angora BOB.

Judge Maddie's choice of Best In Show is the Holland Lop shown by Chris.

Judge Maddie's selection of Reserve In Show is Betty's French Angora.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

60-Second Docs Videos Featuring Betty

In August, "60-Second Docs" sent videographer Mike to Morgan Hill to film and interview Betty.  The process was posted on following days:

It is typical to take a few weeks to get the video edited and posted.   On September 4, 2019, the completed video is posted on the following social media sites.  Click any of the following and you'll see the 60-second doc video.  As the name suggests, it's only 60 seconds; believe it or not, it took close to 4 hours to set up and film.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Show A Best In Show Judging at Petaluma

Judge Manuel Hidalgo is the show A Best In Show judge.  Manuel is one of the most senior judges in CA.

Judging scene from the back.

The French Angora BOB on the Best In Show table.   It eventually receives an honorable mention.

The Satin Angora being examined.

The English Angora BOB on the Best In Show table.

Judge Manuel's choice of Best In Show is the Satin shown by Courtney.

Judge Manuel's pick of the Reserve In Show is the Mini Lop shown by Jane.


Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Show C Angora Judging at Petaluma

In show C, judge Maddie from MI starts with the Satin Angora.

The cute little junior Satin Angora.

The winner is the big white doe.

Judge Maddie has the English Angora colored senior does on the table.

Judge Maddie compares body, wool and ...

This little junior English Angora has cute points.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Show B Angora Judging at Petaluma

Wendy comes from WA to do her judge's assist for her license.      Judge Cathy is showing how to evaluate the French Angora.

The BOB and BOS French Angora.

When the English Angora are being judged, Carol helps to write.

Wendy checks the next class of English Angora while judge Cathy gives comments.

Judge Cathy places the English Angora.

Wendy gets the chance to compare the English Angora in the same class.

Carol records the results.

Betty's fawn doe wins the English Angora BOB.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Show A Satin Angora Judging at Petaluma

There are 6 Satin Angora on judge Allen's table.

There's this cute little REW Satin Angora junior.

Judge Allen comments on the white junior Satin Angora.

The senior Satin Angora has more wool length.

The Satin Angora white senior doe is impressive.

Judge Allen comments on the white Satin Angora.

 For a list of class winners, go to: