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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Open All Breed Show B and C Judging at WCC - Dreamsicle Wins Best In Show in C

On Sunday May 5 at Reno, judge Rosa F. from NE judges English Angora.

Dreamsicle sticks her out while waiting to be judged in the colored senior doe class.   Lindsay carefully listens to the comments in the colored junior buck class, her buck HGF Elk wins the class.  Elk is a cousin to Dreamsicle.

In show C, judge Tom from Oregon looks at a junior English Angora.

Best In Show judges for show C are judges Wade of MO and Rosa of NE, they award the Best In Show to Eric's French Angora HGF Dreamsicle.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Open All Breed Show A at WCC Event in Reno - HGF Dreamsicle Best In Show

In show A, judge Susie from MN makes comments on a English Angora while Casey records her remarks.

Judge Susie awards the BOB English Angora to Betty's colored senior doe.

Judge Susie's three top French Angora: left to right are colored senior buck HGF Jim, colored junior buck HGF Elk and colored senior doe HGF Dreamsicle.   There are only three HGF French Angora entered, all three are at the top of their classes.


The BOB French Angora winner is HGF Dreamsicle.   Dreamsicle's Groomer-in-Chief Allen is proud of the pretty girl.


Show A Best In Show judges are ARBA president Mike from IA and judge Don from VA.  
Both the English Angora and French Angora are on the table being examined; the other Angora in the coop is the Giant Angora.   

There are 46 breeds represented on the Best In Show table.  Altogether there are 47 ARBA recognized breeds, the only breed missing is the Giant Chinchilla.


The two judges award the Best In Show to Eric's French Angora and the Reserve In Show goes to Kassi's Mini Lop.

Allen says, "I am the head groomer.  This fluff comb really works!" while judges Mike and Don look on.

For a list of show results, please go to


Thursday, May 09, 2013

Angora National Show Judging at WCC Event in Reno

On May 4, 2013, the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club annual show was held in Reno, NV in conjunction with the WCC event. 
Judge Nate Burbidge from Utah starts the Angora National show with English Angora.

Judge Nate is examining a French Angora colored senior doe, Jack from New York is working next to the judge.
Four beautiful Angoras are picked as the Best of Breeds; from left to right are Giant Angora, English Angora, French Angora and Satin Angora.

Judge Nate has the two finalist for the Best In Show on the table.

Judge Nate awards the Best In Show to Eric's French Angora HGF Dreamsicle and Reserve In Show to Betty's English Angora Chu's Macey.  

Judge Nate is holding on to the BOB French Angora HGF Dreamsicle and Lindsay's colored junior buck HGF Elk is the BOSB winner.    HGF Elk is also bred by Eric but owned by Lindsay.

Allen has been the babysitter and groomer of the Best In Show winner HGF Dreamsicle, he stands in for Eric.

BOB Satin Angora exhibitors Dakota and Travis are not in the show room.   Their friend Jacob brought the rabbit to the show so he stands in for Dakota and Travis.    Jacob is an aspiring Satin Angora exhibitor himself.

For the complete list of the Angora National show results, go to


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

WCC Opening Ceremony and Unveiling of the Perpetual Trophy

On Saturday morning, Kevin Whaley of KW cages starts the opening ceremony and unveils the perpetual trophy for the Best Overall Rabbit of the event each year.   This trophy is also refered to as the "WCC Cup".

This is the 5th year that WCC is holding the event.  

There are four winners before this trophy is made, Kevin reads out their names.

The Best Overall Rabbit winner in 2009 was Chris DeSurrea's Mini Lop;
the Best Overall Rabbit in 2010 was Alison Votaw's Mini Lop.
the Best Overall Rabbit in 2011 was Betty Chu's English Angora,
The Best Overall Rabbit in 2012 was Julie Spier's Havana.
The Best Overall Rabbit this year is Eric Stewart's French Angora and Eric's name will be added to this trophy.

This is the display at the entrance of the huge showroom.


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Friday Night Angora Specialty Show at Reno

Before the Angora National on Saturday, Northern California Angora Guild sponsors a specialty show.  On the table are the white English Angora classes.

Judge Allen examines a white English Angora

Judge Allen is examining the guard hairs of a French Angora fawn senior buck.

The Satin Angora has been a rare sight in the No. CA/NV show circuits in the recent years but in this show, there are a good number of Satin Angora on the show table.


Judge Allen makes comments on the sheen of this beautiful Satin Angora.

Judge Allen and the four Best of Breed rabbits. 

Judge Allen is trying to decide the specialty Best In Show; the two finalists out of the four breeds are the English Angora senior tort doe and the French Angora senior fawn buck.  

The specialty Best In Show goes to Betty's English Angora Chu's Lucia.

For the show results of the specialty show, go to


Monday, May 06, 2013

HGF Dreamsicle Biggest Winner at WCC Weekend


West Coast Classic is the biggest rabbit event in the west half of the USA.    From May 3 to May 5, there were 5 national breed shows, 45 specialty shows, 3 all breed open shows and 3 all breed youth shows.  There were 25 judges flew or drove in from 15 states.   Out of 47 ARBA recognized breeds, 46 breeds of rabbits were in competition.  

The biggest winner of the weekend is a French Angora by the name of "HGF Dreamsicle", bred and owned by Eric Stewart.   On Saturday, Dreamsicle won the Best In Show at the Angora National Show and the Best In Show in all breed show A, she did not participated in the Angora specialty show on Friday.     On Sunday, Dreamsicle won the Best In Show in the all breed show C.

With three Best In Show under her wool, she was more than eligible to compete for the Best Overall Rabbit in the event.   Thirteen judges ranked all the Best In Show rabbits from the triple open and triple youth shows and all the national and specialty shows.    Dreamsicle won with a huge margin in the votes and was awarded the West Coast Classic Cup.  

Congratulations to Eric Stewart; those of us in the wonderful world of Angora feel the pride and joy. 

There will be photos and reports about the happenings on each day to follow.

For the complete results of the Angora National, please click