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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Double Shows in Japan, Part 1

Nippon Rabbit Club puts on double rabbit shows on June 2, 2012. 

The show has some gorgeous prizes.

The two judges are Scott R. from CO and Johnny H. from PA.  The two judges arrived in Japan on May 29 and returned home on June 5.  They were treated very well with tours and food;  see their activities at:

The Netherland Dwarf rabbits are waiting to be judged.

Scott R. judges the Best In Show, the winner is a Netherland Dwarf.

Johnny judges Best In Show, the winner is an American Fuzzy Lop.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Time for All

It's a little X-rated today!  It does not seem to need any caption about what they are doing.   How many babies should be expected from these activities?  Zero.  They are all girls, four very confused party girls!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fiber Festival in MN

For those of us old timers, Anne Jackson is an old friend who we saw every year in the conventions, her English Angora and Giant Angora both had won classes in the 1990s.   We had not seen her in recent years as she no longer has rabbits.   She is, however, still active in the fiber circuit.  Here is Anne in a fiber festival in MN.   Say Hi!

In the fiber booth, there are three generations of rabbit and fiber enthusiasts: grandma Deb, mama Alicia and baby Katelyn.

Caroline and Edward are manning their booth.  Caroline's Satin Angora was the Best of Breed winner in the ARBA convention in Indianapolis last year.   She is active in both shows and fiber events.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

7 Pines Abigail Wins 4 All Breed Best In Show and 1 Reserve In Show in MN

During the Memorial Day weekend, there were 6 shows in one weekend in MN.     Alicia's French Angora 7 Pines Abigail wins all breed Best In Show in show A.  Judges Mike, Don & Tex are the judges.

In show B, 7 Pines Abigail wins all breed Best In Show again.  Judges are Jay, Theresa & Bruce.

In show C, same thing again, 7 Pines Abigail wins the 3rd all breed Best In Shows.   Alicia and Abigail with judges Tom, Tonna & Susie and her big trophy.

Show 4 Best In Show goes to 7 Pine's Abigail again, Reserve In Show is Becky's Rex   From left to right are judges Bruce, Tom & Theresa and Alicia & Becky.

In show 5, Abigail took Reserve In Show.  By then, people and rabbits were all quite stressed out; Deb, Alicia and Katelyn made the decision to pack up and leave.  They did not show in show 6.

It has been a very long and rewarding weekend in shows.  Katelyn, Alicia's daughter, is a great helper.  Look at the brush in her back pocket!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Erik Draws at the National Show in New Zealand - Part 3

Kids have a table for them to do rabbit drawing and coloring.

Erik is really getting into the drawing.

Two of Erik's creations. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Angora in the National Show at New Zealand - Part 2

ARBA VP Erik travels to New Zealand to judge the national show.   He is examining an English Angora.
Erik is going over the Angoras on the judging table.
There are two breeds Angora in New Zealand: English Angora and German Angora.  The German Angora is on the table with other rabbits.

Angoras sitting on the chairs waiting to be brought to the judging table.

Angora yarn and garment display.

A closer look at the Angora products.

Erik brought with him an apron from the 2003 Angora National in Wisconsin as a gift.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rabbit National in New Zealand - Part 1

Kerstin in New Zealand sent photos and reports about the Rabbit National in New Zealand.   We thank Kerstin for her kindness.

Show room for the National Show in New Zealand.

Kerstin says, "NZ promo poster, the rabbit in the middle is NZ, we live in the only country shaped like a rabbit. "

Beautiful prizes.

The judge for the National is ARBA VP Erik from MN.

Erik checking on the Dwarf.

The winners.

Junior show winner Elly, Kerstin's daughter.

Adult Best In Show winner Vanessa.