Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Carol's Great Weekend at WCC

Carol Getting her French Angora chocolate agouti doe Rose Gold ready for the 6 shows at WCC.

On Friday night, Rose Gold is the specialty Best In Show in the BAARG specialty show.

On Saturday, Rose Gold again receives the specialty Best In Show honor in the NCAG specialty show A.

In the NCAG specialty show B, Rose Gold is the specialty Best In Show again.

In the open show on Saturday, Rose Gold is the show A all breed Reserve In Show.   Altogether Rose Gold won BOB in all six shows, went on to win BIS in all three specialty shows and an open Reserve In Show.

After Carol's big win on Saturday, her wonderful husband Jim treated all their friends to a delicious dinner at Outback Steakhouse to celebrate Carol's birthday.   

Jim ordered a birthday cake delivered to the restaurant for Carol.

One cake is not enough, Carol gets a second cake from Jim.  The Barbie cake matches her outfit.

On Sunday, Carol's first breed American Fuzzy Lop wins the all breed Reserve In Show in show C.   In the photo are Carol's Fuzzy Lop partner Nate and son.  Judges are Adam Shuller from OH and Michael Franke from TX.   Carol/Nate's American Fuzzy Lop won BOB in all five shows during the WCC weekend.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Best of Best In Show at WCC

The open Best In Show in all three shows are won by a broken New Zealand shown by Randy and Randy.

The Youth Best In Show in all three all breed show is this New Zealand shown by this young lady Lauren Dill.
The breeder of this New Zealand is Manuel Hidalgo who sold this rabbit to Laureen less than one month before the show.

The youth Best In Show New Zealand takes the crown of the Best of Best at WCC this year.   

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Sunday Show C Angora Judging at WCC

Show C Angora judge is Eric Stewart, the ARBA executive director and top French Angora breeder.

The 14 English Angora are line up on the judging table.

The first class is the colored junior buck, no senior buck shown.

The major class in the English Angora breed is the colored senior doe.   Sam is standing next to judge Eric, what's he doing?

Judge Eric takes a few step back to give the English Angora colored senior doe a good look.

Sam is videotaping Eric's judging.

Near or far, Sam is videotaping faithfully.

More video taping.

Actually the video is going out live on the Rabbit Show Facebook page:

Judge Eric is commenting on the doe.

Betty picks up some of the rabbits there are done judging.

Betty's tort senior doe gets the BOB English Angora.  She has decided to leave after the completion of the English Angora judging.   It's a long way to drive home, 5-1/2 hours.

The next breed on the table is the Satin Angora.

Judge Eric examines a black Satin Angora, Sam videotapes.

Judge Eric carefully examines the wool of the black Satin Angora.  Casey clerks.

Judge Eric is impressed with the progress of Satin Angora.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Vern Palmblad Remembered

Heard the sad news of judge Vern Palmblad passed away on April 15, 2019.    This picture of him and wife Barbara was taken in 2009 in the show at Myrtle Point, Oregon.


Vern judged at the 2009 show.

Betty had the honor of having a photo taken with Vern.   Vern judged in California frequently in the 80s and 90s.   It's a pleasure to have him judged Angora.

This picture was taken in the 2015 Portland Convention.   Vern was waiting to be introduced during the opening ceremony.
From left to right are ARBA executive director Eric Stewart, convention general chairman Ted Deloyola, Vern's wife Barbara and Vern.   

The 2015 convention was dedicated to Vern, he had the honor of cutting the ribbon to signal the beginning of the convention.   On the left is ARBA president Josh Humphries, next to Vern is convention general chairman Ted Deloyola and in the very right is past ARBA president Cindy Wickizer.  The current SOP is dedicated to Cindy in this opening ceremony. 
ARBA website has posted a memoriam of Vern's life:

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sunday Show B Angora Judging at WCC

Sunday morning starts with open all breed show B, Giant Angora on the table, Julie clerks.

The colored Giant Angora are on display for judge David Moll of OH.

Judge David in examining a Satin Angora.

Itty bitty English Angora juniors are being judged.

Future English Angora winners.


Judge Moll comments on a tort junior English Angora.

Judge Moll feels the body of a junior English Angora.

Now the big girls are on the table.

Judge Moll comments on a senior English Angora, Tammy E. takes photo.

Senior French Angora class is on the table.

Beautiful French Angora.

Joyce records judge Moll's comments.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Saturday Open Top Winners at WCC

On Saturday, there is one open all breed show.  The Best In Show judges from left to right in the first row are:
Matt Bishop from PA, Lloyd Morgan from TX, Josh Humphries from TN.  The big winners are co-owners Randy and Randy in the back row.

Show Reserve In Show is Carol's French Angora Rose Gold.  Rose Gold won the three specialty Best In Show on Friday and Saturday then went on to win the Reserve In Show in the open show.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Saturday Open Show A Angora Judging at WCC

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, CRCS sponsors one all breed show.

The open show A judge is Matt Bishop of PA.  This is open show A, the only all breed show on Saturday

  This is Matt's first time judging since he received his ARBA judge's license.   None of us realized until much later that he was so new as he shows confidence and did a great job judging.

Judge Matt's first breed on the table is the French Angora.

Carol watches Matt's judging of French Angora.   Both Carol and Matt are ARBA judges and both have French Angora as a second breed.  

Judge Matt comments on a French Angora doe.

The junior English Angora is on judge Matt's table.  

The English Angora colored senior doe class is on judge Matt's table.  Matt's judging of English Angora video is posted on FaceBook:

Judge Matt is now judging the Satin Angora.

The last but not least are the Giant Angora.   Judge Matt's main breed is the Giant Angora.  He and fiancée Ashley won every class of Giant Angora at the ARBA convention in MA last October.   At the time of his judging at Reno, Ashley is showing at Angora National in OH.    The results are Matt and Ashley's Giant Angora won the Best In Show and their French Angora won the Reserve In Show in the open Angora national and Ashley's sister Madi's Giant Angora won the Best In Show in the youth Angora national.  See photos from yesterday's post.