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Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 Pines Abigail Wins Triple All Breed Best In Show in MN

7 Pines Abigail has a very deep body and a gorgeous coat.   On June 17 she went to 3 all breed shows  in MN and she won Best In Show in all 3 all breed shows.   In 2 months, Abigail won 8 all breed Best In Show and 3 Reserve In Show in 11 shows.    This must be a record for a French Angora or for that matter, for any breed of rabbit.

In show 1, judges Susie and Rich award the BIS honor to Abigail.  Proud mama Alicia is standing between the two judges with a big smile.

In show 2, judges Teresa and Ross again award Abigail the BIS prize.

Judges Bob and Dereck in show 3 also pick Abigail the all breed Best In Show.

Katelyn is mama Alicia's little helper; she is seriously grooming the broken junior buck.  Are we seeing a youth French Angora breeder in the making?

Or does Katelyn want to be a Holland Lop breeder?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Trashed? Wasted?

What?  This is trash?  This is yard waste?  I like it!

This is a good roll in the hay and a good view of the pretty flowers.

As soon as Betty sweeps the hay and pine needles into a pile, Nikki and Mary Jane cannot wait to have a roll in the pile and actually fall asleep.    The yard waste recycle bin can wait.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog Grooming Competition in OH

There are competitions everywhere, some are beyond imagination.   Maureen went to a "Grooming Expo" where there is a dog grooming competition going on. 

What is the dog supposed to be?  It's anyone's guess.

The dog is groomed into a Panda in the front but the Panda do not grow pink pom poms.   What is it in the back?   Your guess is as good as anyone's.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alameda Fair, Part 3

A gold fish display at the small animal barn at the Alameda Fair.

A Giant Mexican Musk turtle.

Little newly hatched chicks; these are for sale at the Alameda Fair.

Landscape competition 1.

Landscape competition 2.

Landscape competition 3.

Cut flower competition.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

American Fuzzy Lop at Alameda Fair, Part 2

American Fuzzy Lop has a good representation at the fair this year.   In the past there were far fewer of them entered.

Marion has not gone to a show for a long time but she is showing at the Alameda Fair.  Big Boss Allen gives Marion a special welcome.

Carol's young senior doe AK's Vanity gets Reserve In Show from judge Tom.   This is the first time that Carol shows her Fuzzies at the Fair.

This is a close up shot of the pretty girl AK's Vanity.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Alameda Fair Open Rabbit Show, Part 1

Allen is in charge of the small animal department at the Alameda Fair.

A nice display about rabbits at the rabbit barn.

Alameda Fair is one of the very few fairs that host open rabbit shows that has a nice money premium.  For Angora exhibitors, we could only drool as the rabbits have to stay at the fair for several days.  

Dolores and Muriel are working at the office.

Muriel is making sure that everything is in good order before the public comes into the barn.

The judging coops are set up under the tree, the weather is cool and breezy, judge Ray is about to start the first breed of the day. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Barn Cleaning Days Are Here Again

Once a year, Betty takes everything out of her barn to clean.   It takes about 3 days when done by Betty and Albert but it would take a week if done by Betty alone.  It's hard work but it feels so good when it's done.

The day prior to cleaning, empty carriers are set up in the garage.

Early on the major cleaning day, bucks and those rabbits with show coats go into the carriers.

The cut down does go to the exercise area in three groups.  Their sitting towels are washed and hung to dry.

The stackers are pulled out of the barn and blow-torched to rid of wool and cobwebs.

After blow torching, the next step is power wash.

Each and every inch of the cage is power washed.

The barn is power washed from ceiling to the ground.

The clean cages are drying out in the sun.

Barn is dried and cages are pulled back in.  Still there are feeders and water bottles to be bleached and cleaned.    With hubby's help, the heavy work are done.

By 10:30 pm, the rabbits that were in the exercise groups are all back to their condos but those who were in the garage stayed in the garage overnight.   Their condos are ready for them to move back the next morning.

No wool, no cobweb, clean floor, no urine stain, ......   What a relief.