Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 13, 2015

From Junkish Wool to Prime Roving

Chris O in MA has a fleece of white English Angora wool that she does not think is primed enough.  She shares her experience of playing with the fleece.

 I put the angora in to a bag and dyed
it. Mushed it around a ton without a care about felting.

Then, I dumped
it in the sink. I then spun it out in my spin dryer (Laundry
Alternatives brand). 

I left the whole mess to dry on the porch.

 I kept picking it apart with my fingers as it dried.

A few days ago I decided to card some up on my Pat Green Big Batt
carder. 72 ppi

A beautiful roving emerges from the carder.

Another close up of the roving.

 I spun up a small sample. Took no pains to make it even. Just spun
and let it work back on itself. Not bad.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Betty and Carol W. Enjoy Broken French Angora Bunnies

Betty and Carol W. are having fun with two broken French Angora bunnies.   Carol W's old buck Rhythm 'n Blue was the maternal great grandsire of these bunnies, and that's where the broken gene came from.    Thought RnB is now in bunny heaven, his coat pattern lives on.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy Bunnies Happy Mom


In a recent show, Betty was carrying the "White Brothers" to and from the show table, Carol G snapped a picture of the happy Betty with her happy bunnies.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Three Generations of French Angora in the Exercise Pen



Freddie is a handsome French Angora buck.

Fair N Square is Freddie's dad.

Meara is Fair N Square's mom.

Three generations of Grand Champion French Angoras enjoying their exercise time.


Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Friends from Singapore


The Lim family from Singapore drop by to visit Betty and her English Angora Chu's Donnica.
Mr. Lim is the rabbit person in the family.

French Angora is not as popular in Asia as English Angora.

Michelle has attended several big rabbit shows in the US, including the WCC at Reno last year.  She is instrumental in taking the Lim Family to Betty's place.  Pictured with Michelle and Betty is French Angora BCG's Freddie.



Monday, June 08, 2015

Cute Rabbit Cookies

Friends from Singapore came to visit and brought Betty cookies with rabbits graphics on the box.   The words on the cookie box say "Half Moon". 

The instruction inside shows the cookies are made in Japan.

There are two flavors, the cookie on the left is "green tea flavor" and the one on the right is "house flavor".  


The rabbit images on the packages and on the cookies are so cute that it's almost hard to tear them apart to eat them; the cookies are yummy!


Sunday, June 07, 2015

White Brothers

We are the White Brothers.

We may not be as smart as the Wright Brothers but we are sure cute as the White Brothers.

We can't fly but we can sit.

And we love each other.