Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Mae and Myla help at the Angora Table

Usually the breeders take comments at the judging tables.   In show B, rabbits are being called to the Best In Show table as well as the breed table.  It's hard for the Angora breeders to be in the two places at the same time, Mae steps in to help.

After judging, Mae and Myla take a picture with Betty and the English Angora BOB winner Chu's Lucia.


Friday, June 07, 2013

Angora Judging at Fresno

Show A Angora judge is judge Chris Z.

Judge Linda B is the Angora judge for show B, Mae works as a writer.

In show C, judge Stan B. judges Angora.

For complete Angora results, see

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Die Hard Show Exhibitors

Normally going to a rabbit show is a treat.   However when the temperature soars, going to a rabbit show could be dangerous and stressful.   At the CRCS triples held in Fresno, the temperature soars to over 100 degrees.  The show room is the livestock pavillion that is hot and dusty.  Still there are hundreds of die hard exhibitors participated.      Fans and frozen ice bottles are necessities to keep the rabbits comfortable.   With 9 judges, the triple shows go smoothly and the shows ends around 4:15 pm.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Youth Top Winners at Fresno

In youth show A, judge Ashley selects Savana's Havana as the Best In Show.

Jessica's Holland Lop gets the youth Reserve In Show from judge Ashley.

In show C, this Holland Lop wins youth Best In Show.

Judge Jennifer picks the Cody's Dutch as the youth Best In Show and Gared's American Fuzzy Lop as the youth Reserve In Show in show B.

In show C, Cody's Dutch wins youth Reserve In Show.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Big Winning Day for Eric and Everett in PA

On June 2, double shows were held at the Penn State University agricultural facility. The location is in the center of PA, it tends to draw more entries from the entire state and from OH, NY, NH, WV and MD. 

There are three rabbits in this photo, the middle one is the Best In Show winner French Angora white senior doe HGF TP bred and shown by Eric on the left.   The Britannia Petite is co-owned by Eric and Everett on the right, and she is the Reserve In Show winner.   The chestnut Netherland Dwarf on the right is owned by Everett, it is the winner of the second Reserve.  

Three rabbits, three top winners at show A and two happy guys!

This is a close up of HGF TP.

This a close up of the Britannia Petite who is telling us to look at her, and her name is "Look at Me". 

Look-at-Me gets so much looks that she wins the Best In Show in show B.

The Reserve In Show winner in show B is Eric's French Angora colored senior doe HGF Stunning.   Stunning is a more matured doe who is the mother and grand mother of many gorgeous winners.  Two of her well-known daughters are HGF Tiara and HGF Meara.

The two happy guys in show A remain to be happy guys in show B.


Monday, June 03, 2013

Open Top Winners at Fresno

In show A, judge Chris Z selects Scott's Dutch as the Best In Show and Betty's English Angora as the Reserve In Show.


In show B, judge Joe picks John's Mini Rex as the Best In Show and Katie's Californian as the Reserve In Show.


In show C, judge Linda awards the Best In Show to John's Mini Satin and Reserve In Show to Betty's English Angora


Sunday, June 02, 2013

Lucia Wins Double Reserve In Show

CRCS holds triple all breed shows at Fresno, Betty's tort senior doe Chu's Lucia wins double Reserve In Show.
In show A, judge Chris Z picks Lucia as the Reserve In Show.


In show C, judge Linda also picks Lucia as the Reserve In Show.