Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, January 21, 2012

First ARBA Sanction Show At Big Island In Hawaii

We received a report from Alfred at Big Island in Hawaii:
"I just wanted to share with you that my Giant Angora Sr doe won Best In Show and my white Jr English Angora doe won Best of Breed and my Solid Jr Buck English Angora won BOSB at the Big Island Rabbit Club Open ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Show on 16 January 2012. This was the very first ARBA sanctioned show on the Big Island judged by ARBA Judge Travis Finkle. There were 11 exhibitors, 7 breeds and 50 rabbits. Eighteen entries were made up of English Angoras and three entries were Giant Angoras. "
Alfred is a DVM who operates his veterinary service on Big Island; his animal hospital specializes in small animals, avian and exotic animals.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Youth Contests And Booths At Chico

In addition to showing rabbits, youth exhibitors could enter in the breed identification contest.

Two young ladies attempting to identify the breeds in the carriers.

The 4-Hers had the opportunity to do showmanship contest.

KW cages had a booth displaying and selling nice cages, carriers and supplies.

Barbi's booth had good supplies and cute stuff.

This is a closer look at the cute bunny pins.

The bright t-shirsts, rabbit signs and cavy signs are also very popular.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lindsay Is Back To Shows

Lindsay has been showing dogs instead of rabbits last year. In Lodi last year she came back and felt she still enjoyed the rabbit shows. In the first show of 2012, Lindsay came back to showing her French Angora and did well. Her rabbits won BOB and BOS in show A.

Angora grooming always attracts a lot of attention in shows; it's no exception here. A couple watched Lindsay grooming with great interest.

When Lindsay was showing and grooming, her little Papillon girl patiently waiting for her mom to come back.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dawn and Jack

It's an unusual treat that Dawn drove all the way from Myrtle Point, Oregon to show at Chico. She brought her new Great Pyrenees dog Jack with her. Jack is 7 years old but small in size, got beat up by his own younger brother and Dawn decided to accept him into her family. Now Jack sleeps in the same bed as Dawn and hubby Ron.

We had a great time with Dawn; Dawn's French Angora did very well, received BOB and BOS in show B.

When Dawn is showing, Jack patiently guarding Dawn's truck.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Youth Top Winners At Chico

At Chico the first youth Best In Show of 2012 was judged by judge Ray. The Best In Show prize went to Eli with his Holland Lop. The Reserve In Show winner is Brittney's Satin; Brittney was not in the showroom so judge Ray is holding the Satin for her in this photo.

Eli and Brittney have had a lot of back and forth alternating the win of Best In Show and Reserve In Show in many shows in 2011, it seems that it won't not any exception in 2012.

Youth show B top winners were selected after the open shows were are completed, thus no photo available. Show B Best In Show unknown, the Reserve In Show went to Katealynn's New Zealand.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Top Winners in Chico Show B

In the second show of 2012 at Chico, judge Randy picks Lauralee's broken Satin Best In Show and Tim's Netherland Dwarf Reserve In Show. We sure can see Lauralee is happy, look at her big smiles!

English Angora and Mini Rex are honorably mentioned as the two closest contenders.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zeeva Wins All Breed Best In Show

Chu's Zeeva is a young senior doe who is less than 8 months old; she has a dense and free flowing coat over a round and solid body.

On Saturday, the first show in No. CA in 2012 was held in Chico, CA. Judge Allen picks Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Zeeva Best In Show and Cathy's broken Rex Reserve In Show.

There were over 30 breeds represented on the Best In Show table.