Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Best In Show Judging at Red Bluff

From Friday December 7, 2018 to Sunday December 9, 2019 at Red Bluff, CRCS put on 5 all breed shows.

Friday night show, judge Roger H. from Oregon does the honor of picking the first Best In Show, he picks a New Zealand.

Judge Roger is examining the English Angora BOB.

In the first show on Saturday, Judge Ryan H. from AZ does the Best In Show picking and he picks a Holland Lop.

Judge Ryan is examining the Satin Angora BOB on the BIS table.

In the second show on Saturday, judge Misty P. of CA does her first open Best In Show judging, and she picks an English Angora.

The French Angora BOB is on judge Misty's BIS table.  On the right are the four Angora BOBs.

In the first show on Sunday, judge Chris Z of CA gets to pick BIS and she picks a Mini Rex.
The camera did not catch judge Chris examining any of the 4 Angora breeds.

In the last show of the weekend, judge David M. of Michigan examines the BOBs on the table to choose a Best In Show.  He picks a Jersey Wooly.

The English Angora is being examined by judge David and gets the Reserve In Show award from him.  

Friday, December 21, 2018

Angora Specialty Show at Red Bluff

Blown Away Angora Guild sponsors a specialty show at Red Bluff.

The specialty show judge is David Moll from Michigan.

While judge David is working on the English Angora, Dawn helps at the table to find the "missing" rabbits.

Judge David is examining the BOV white to decide on BOB.

Judge David's choice of specialty Best In Show is the English Angora and specialty Reserve In Show is the French Angora.  Both happen to be bred and shown by Betty.  The English Angora is Annisha and the French Angora is Gifta.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sunday Second Show Angora Judging at Red Bluff

The last all breed show of the long weekend, the 2nd show of Sunday is designed as show E.  Two of the exhibitors from Oregon did not enter on Sunday, so the number is slightly less but still a very good number at 44.

Judge Maddie from MI starts with the white English Angora.  On the table is the white senior doe.

Now judge Maddie is evaluating a matured junior doe.

There are a good number of colored English Angora on the table, Matt watches.

The colored senior doe is impressive looking.  Casey clerks.

The Satin Angora entries are nice looking.

The colored Giant Angora are on display.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sunday First Show Angora Judging at Red Bluff

On Sunday morning, English Angora was called to the table really early.  There was only one breed with one entry before English Angora.    The two white senior does are in the judging coops, they are barely regroomed since the day prior.

The two white junior does are not too prepared either, but it's time to be judged.

Judge Cathy is in her Christmas attire, red and green, easy on the eyes.

Judge Cathy is comparing the two white junior does.

The three English Angora colored senior bucks are in their coops.  They are brothers and half brothers with the same sire. 

Now it's the colored senior doe class.

Judge Cathy reads the ear number of the colored senior doe.

Judge Cathy is now judging a French Angora junior.  The showroom is not as crowded as on Saturday but still full of exhibitors and rabbits.

Arianne takes over the clerking for a while, on judge Cathy's table is a French Angora colored junior buck.  This color is strikingly bright.

There are 8 colored Giant Angora showing as "display", there are 6 chestnut and 2 black.   Giant Angora at the current time is only accepting white, thus these colored ones are being evaluated but not eligible for legs and wins.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Saturday Second Show Angora Judging at Red Bluff

In the second show on Saturday (show C), judge Allan from Utah starts with the Satin Angora, Casey clerks.

Judge Allan is so tall that Satin Angora looks so small.

Judge Allan feels the body of the Satin Angora.

Arianne and Corinne listens to judge Allan talking about the shiny Satin Angora.

Now on the table are the English Angora.

Judge Allan comments on the English Angora.

So soft! It's even hard for a judge to resist the softness of an English Angora.

A junior French Angora is on the table.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Saturday First Show Angora Judging at Red Bluff

On Saturday several more Angora exhibitors arrived, the total number of the 4 breeds are now over 60.

Judge Melinda is working on the white senior doe class.  

She poses the English Angora white senior doe.  

More examination of the white senior doe.

A pointed white English Angora doe is on the table.   It has been a while since we saw a pointed white English Angora in this area.   This doe originated in NC...

and now resides with Crystal in Oregon.

A colored English Angora is being examined.

Judge Melinda is now working on the Satin Angora.

She likes these shiny ones.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Friday Night Angora Judging at Red Bluff

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows had a 3-day event at Red Bluff on December 7-9, 2018.

Friday night show is designated as Show A.  Randy is the judge and he starts with the English Angora.  Tammy, Rene and Karin watch.

For a Friday night show, the Angora number is very good, 46.  More Angora exhibitors arrived on Saturday.

Randy gives the English Angora white BOV to the senior doe.

The BOV colored is the senior doe and goes over the white senior doe and receives the BOB.

The French Angora are on the table.

The two young Giant Angora juniors are being judged.

There are 8 colored Giant Angora on display.  Since the Giant Angora only accepts white, these colored Giant Angora are for display only.

Tammy listens to judge Randy's comments carefully, she is interested in getting a COD on chestnut Giant Angora.