Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh, Rats!!!

In a recent show, a cute little boy was carrying a rat around the showroom. Neither his mom nor others was too thrilled to see the rat.

Betty was brave; she asked to borrow the rat for a little while. It wasn't too bad, according to Betty. In the picture she is enjoying the experience.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Carol and Kimijo

Carol is a new judge, she is getting used to being a judge. At the BVRA show in Stockton, Carol's good friend Tausha bought Carol a beautiful sparkle "JUDGE" pin and Carol put it on right away.
- - - - -
Kimijo was taking a short break between judging the English Angora and the French Angora; she came by to see the pin and thus a picture was snapped.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

In addition to Doug's puppies, there are more dogs in front of the show room. Casey came in with her two dogs, Leo and Sheba. Bob and Kelly came in with their new 8-week-old pug puppy.

It was a very windy day. Look at people's hairs and dogs' hairs and ears; the wind had blown all into one direction.

In the first photo, Casey is leashing Leo and Kelly is leashing Sheba. Leo is young and active while Sheba is 18 years old, naked and wearing an Angora Sweater that Betty made for her.

In the second photo, Jennie plays with Leo, while the little pug in the back is checking out Sheba.

In the third photo, Jennie is really happy to have Leo in her arms.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Doug's New Puppies

We have not seen our handsome judge Doug for a while. He received a promotion to general manager at his job. His favorite French Bulldog champion Ruby has four new puppies in early April, which adds on to his busy schedule.
- - - -
We are very happy to see him at the BVRA show in Stockton. He had Ruby and the four puppies with him.
- - - -
In photo one and three, Doug is showing off his cutie pups and photo two shows the entire litter. These puppies are going to make a splash in the show circuit in the near future.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sweater Boy and Sweater Girl

We saw Joey and Melea getting haircuts yesterday.
- - - -

Though it's warm during the daytime, it still could be chilly at night, especially when a rabbit goes from a full coat to being totally naked.

- - - -

Betty knits sweaters for her newly cut down rabbits. Joey and Melea are seen here in their night sweaters.
- - - -

Do you think they would be discovered as the new sexy Hollywood "Sweater Girl" and "Sweater Boy"?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Joey and Melea Getting Haircut

After being in shows for a year and winning Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex a week ago, Joey and Melea are ready to be cut down for the summer.
- - - -
At the right, Joey's coat goes from flowing with the wind to being a fleece on the table.
- - - -
At the left, Melea's coat goes through the same process.
- - - -
The wool fleeces are to be rolled in between gift tissue papers. The wonderful thing about raising Angora is that we can use or sell the wool but still have the rabbits alive and well, ready to go through the same process of producing wool year after year. No harm is ever done to the rabbit.
- - - -
How do Joey and Melea look after the hair cut? Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Grandmas

Today is the Mothers Day. A grandma is the mom to the mom; we are featuring five very happy grandmas in the show circuit.

At the top picture, Rita is seem with her daughter and grandson in the April show. Rita has been grandma many times, this is her newest grandkid. Rita does wonderful show secretary work in many shows and she wins Best In Show on a regular basis. Her most recent big win is the Best Of Breed of the Satin National.
- - - -
In the second picture, Rosemary shows off Brittany. Rosemary and Paul and their son John were very active in the 80s in the Salinas Valley RBA. After John went off to college and Salinas Valley RBA folded, we did not see them in the 90s. In 2001, John was full grown and returned to show circuit, he is now a top Satin breeder winning Best In Show and Reserve In Show regularly. Now his daughter Brittany is the similar age as John was in the 80s.

In the third photo, top English Lop breeder Trina puts her twin grandson's photo on her show apron. She said, "Everyone wants to see my grandsons' pictures; I figure this is the best way to show them." Yes, it's a great idea. The twins are so cute and the grandma is very cute too.

In the fourth picture, judge Cathy is showing off the pictures of her granddaughter with Cathy's famous Rex. Little princess is a bona fide rabbit lover; and she has a special talent of using chopsticks to eat Chinese food.

In the fifth picture, Stephanie is with daughter and granddaughter relaxing outside the show barn. Stephanie had Satin Angora some ten years ago but had to give them up when she and husband moved to a condo next to a country club/golf course. Now they have moved into a house and she's back to raising Satin Angora. We welcome her into our Camp Angora.
- - - -
There are many more happy grandmas in shows, but unfortunately we do not have their photos in our files.