Northern California Angora Guild

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Members of the Northern California Angora Guild wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.

Featured here are Tracy's lovely Satin Angora youngsters. The top photo are the beautiful red and chocolate and the second photo is the first white Satin Angora born in Tracy's barn.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Damon and Terena

Chu's Terena and Chu's Damon had a reservation with Air Canada to fly to their new home on Monday, November 21. Before they left, they took some photos to say good bye to California and to wish our readers a Happy Thanksgiving. The top photo shows Terena on the right and Damon on the left; the second photo shows Terena with a nicely colored pumpkin picked from Betty's veggie garden.

They arrived at the shared cargo office for Air Canada and Northwest Airlines at the SFO at 10 am on Monday. When we arrived, there was one person behind the counter. Within two or three minutes, appeared from nowhere there were 9 or 10 people surrounding the bunnies, Terena and Damon were an instant hit! The staff from both airlines went ga ga for Terena and Damon, wishing that they had a camera. Well, Betty had her camera with her. Here are two photos of the five staff members at the office, the rest were too shy to be photographed. Picture on the left showing three ladies from Northwest Airlines with Damon and the photo on the right are the two agents from Air Canada with Terena.

It would have been nice if the rest of the trip was as smooth and fun as at the cargo office. Unfortunately, things turned sideways. The Calgary station refused to take live animals due to the connecting flight had unheated cargo hold. Betty was informed at 2 pm that Terena and Damon would have to be re-routed to Vancouver then to Edmonton then to the final destination of Regina, Sask. All the fights going that route were gone for the day, Terena and Damon would have to stay over at the SFO office until early next morning.

The next morning, they boarded their flight. Finally on Tuesday, November 22, at 7 pm, they arrived at the Regina Sask. airport. The trip took 35 hours.

Their new mom Holly reported that they were a hit at the Regina airport. She was "mobbed" by over 30 people wanting to touch them and to ask question about them. It was a very long and hard trip, at least they made it there safe and sound, and was received as if they were rock stars upon arrival.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Franco's New Boys

Franco is getting to be a real spinner. When opportunity calls for him to acquire two German/Giant hybrid bucks, he jumped at it. Now he is the proud papa of two sweet boys as his spinning rabbits. One of the boys seems to have problem in figuring out the difference between fake leaves and real leaves. He is enjoying the holiday atmosphere by feasting on the Thanksgiving decoration. Both are very thankful that Franco is providing them with a warm and sweet home. We won't be too surprised when Franco starts breeding for show Giant Angora to compete on the show table soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Angora Handbook

Northern California Angora Guild is the first regional Angora club to publish a good. The Angora Handbook is the best Angora book in the field. The first edition was published in the mid 80s, written by the top breeders at that time and edited by the then NCAG newsletter editor Judy Fisher. The board of directors and officers of the guild put in their own money to buy a minimum of 10 pre-published copies to finance the project. The book was a total success and reprinted quite a few times.

In the 90s, new information and methods of raising Angora came into light. Instead of reprinting, the board of directors and officers decided to redo the handbook and the second edition was born. Kathy Spalding, our long time newsletter editor, took on the task and did a wonderful job in coordinating and editing the articles written by the top breeders. This edition has been reprinted several times.

On the left is the first edition of our Angora Handbook and on the right the second edition. NCAG is very proud of all the help and education that we have provided to the wonderful world of Angora Rabbits.

If anyone wish to order a copy, write to