Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Casey's New Bunny and Yarns

Casey shows off her new yarn and new bunny at the Gridley show.

She has been showing three white junior does. One of the

three is consistently doing better than her sisters and the judges absolutely love this little girl. Casey is showing her off in the top photo.

In the second photo, Casey shows off her new yarns. She has Angora rabbits, Angora goats, and sheep. By putting together these three types of wool, she has a very nice collection of blended yarns in light beige, dark beige, rich brown, and different shades of gray. The Woodland Mills did a wonderful job in blending and spinning. Casey is now offering these yarns for sale at a reasonable price. Contact Casey at if interested.

The third photo shows the collection of the yarns.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Ann's Wonderful Weekend at the Shows

Our new Oregon member Ann has good news, she says, "Well the biggest rabbit event I have going on is WHITES in the nestbox, finally! I had a litter of seven and three are whites. Attached is a photo. They are now two weeks old and it looks like I have at least one doe in the whites. The colors are going to be very dark chestnuts which I also love. Even as young as they are the satin sheen is very apparent."

Ann received her Satin Angora stock from Tracy a year or so ago. She did well when she came to the Monterey shows in April. She was in the Portland show last Saturday and her red senior doe Marion Jones took Best of Breed, picture at the top. Her buck won the Best Opposite Sex. Same results in both show A and show B. Her American Fuzzy Lop also took the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex in the same shows.

It was a wonderful weekend for Ann.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kimijo Having Fun

Kimijo is in demand for her judging almost every weekend. In May she was in Stockton and Las Vegas; in June she will be in Pomona and then the WA State Convention.
In between judging, Kimijo was able to take a vacation with family and her dogs at the North Rim of Grand Canyon last weekend.

The top picture is Kimijo with her dogs taking an ATV ride. Kimijo says, "Here I am on my quad with one of the dogs-the other one was taking a potty break. They both ride on the front and LOVE every minute of it!"

The second picture was taken on Navajo bridge by Lee's Ferry. Kimijo says, "We got quite a thrill-a California Condor swooped down low over the bridge twice to check out our dogs. They have an almost 10 foot wing span and stand 4 1/2 feet tall."

The third picture was taken after Kimijo riding her ATV 35 miles one way down dirt quad trails. Though she felt she was all messed up, but it certainly does not show in the picture. She is as pretty as ever.

The fourth picture was taken at Point Sublime of the North Rim, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Best In Show and Reserve In Show at Gridley

In show A, the Best In Show went to an English Spot and the Reserve went to Tracy G's Champagne d'Argent. Photo unavailable.
- - - -
In show B, the Best In Show went Alyse's Tan and Reserve went to Carol G's American Fuzzy Lop. The top picture from left to right are judge Melissa, Elyse with her winner Tan and judge Cathy.
- - - -
In the seocnd picture, judges Melissa and Cathy are in the photo with show B Reserve winner American Fuzzy Lop solid senior doe. Carol G. was in Oregon judging another show as shown in photo three. From left to right are Muriel, Carol and Diana.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

English Angora Winners at Gridley

Betty's English Angora won Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex at the GRRF double shows in Gridley.

The top photo is Chu's Tyler, the Best of Breed of show A under judge Bruce.

The second photo is Chu's Sevenah, the Best Opposite Sex in show A and the Best of Breed in show B under judge Melissa. Sevenah took second runner up at the Best In Show judging in show B.

The third photo is Chu's Bobbie Joe, the Best Opposite Sex in show B.

Tyler and Bobbie Joe are littermate brothers. This is the first show for all three rabbits since they turned six months old.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Satin Angora Winners at Gridley

Tracy's white Satin Angora are getting more and more attention. Her junior doe Kalana won the Best of Breed and her senior buck Blizzard won the Best Opposite Sex at the GRRF double shows in Gridley.

The top picture shows Kalana at the left and Blizzard at the right.

The second picture is Tracy talking to her beautiful red junior Satin Angora.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

French Angora Winners at Gridley

The Butte County Fairgrounds at Gridley was a very popular place for rabbit shows in the 90s. About 7 or 8 years ago, the shows were moved to different fairgrounds.

On Saturday, Gold Rush Rabbit Fanciers held double open all breed shows there. For many exhibitors, this was the first time for them to go to this location; for the old timers, it's a return to a familiar place.

The Best of Breed French Angora winner in both show A and B went to Carol W's colored senior doe. Best Opposite Sex went to two different rabbits, a colored senior buck and a white senior buck, that both owned by Lindsay.

There were a good number of Angora in the shows; more photos will be posted.