Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Betty and Friends at Harrisburg

The ARBA convention each year is a place for competition, for fun, and for visiting old friends and making new friends.  Here are photos of some of Betty's old friends and new friends.
Chris, Betty and Eric.
Dick and Betty.

Johnny and Betty in a selfie.

Joy and Betty.

Betty and Chris are grooming, chatting and knitting regularly during the convention.

Betty and Brock with their open and youth English Angora Best of Breed winners at the Heinold booth.

Betty and Anita.

Candy, Betty and Chris.

Young lady Jesse and Betty.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Performers at Harrisburg

During the first day of the ARBA convention, there are two singers in costume walking and singing from booth to booth, people to people.  It seems that they were enjoying themselves and others were also enjoying their performances.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rabbit Hopping at Harrisburg

This is the first year that rabbit hopping being an official event at the ARBA convention.  Volunteers are busy setting up the hopping course.
Hopping contest is starting, rabbits are ready and video recorder is also ready.
One hopper going through the obstacle course.

Another hopper just completed the course.

A Checker Giant is trying to be a hopper.

Colleen is an Angora lady, didn't realize that she also has Checker Giant.

The results are out, competitors gather to hear the results and to receive the prizes.

Here are some of the equipment display.

Kevin of KW cages is one of the sponsors.

Judge Susie of MN is giving out awards.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Giant Angora Presentation at Harrisburg

A board showing the results of the new breed and new variety presentations.   Each time there are four breeds on the table for the judges to examine.  Black Giant Angora presentation is going on along with squirrel Mini Satin, lilac Polish and Argente Brun. 

Judges Kevin, Ted  and Josh are examining the Black Giant Angora.

A different group of judges are checking on the Black Giant Angora.

The ARBA Standard Committee is deliberating.

Another view of the Standard Committee deliberating.

Janet in the middle is the Black Giant Angora presenter, Joan, Janine and Timothy are showing their support.

Others are also waiting for the deliberation.  Leann in baseball cap is the presenter of the squirrel Mini Satin; her presentation eventually passes.

Judge Ted calls Janet into the judging area to discuss the issues of her presentation.   According to judge Ted, one of the rabbits has "pigeon breast".

Seeing all the smiles one would expect the result is a pass.  Unfortunately it's not the case, Janet vows to come back in two years.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sunny Boy Primes at the Right Time

During the time when Sunny Boy and his brother Honey Boy were in the junior class, Sunny Boy had a hard time competing with Honey Boy.   As they got to the senior class, the two brothers took turns winning the BOS.   Timing is everything, when the convention arrived, Sunny Boy was at his prime.  He easily won over his brother and all the bucks in the breed.

He is still in prime and seems to have many months of competitive showing ahead of him.
Betty's fawn buck Chu's Sunny Boy is the English Angora Best Opposite Sex winner at the ARBA Convention in Harrisburg, PA.

This photo was taken by Chris O during the time when Betty and Sunny Boy were posing at the photo booth.

Heinold Feed booth offers photo ops for all the BOB and BOS winners.  

Betty is shown here with her two winners, English Angora BOB McKenzie on the left and BOS Sunny Boy on the right.  McKenzie is also the winner of Group 3. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Brock Wins English Angora Youth Best of Breed


Brock's beautiful fawn doe Genevieve is the youth BOB winner in the ARBA convention at Harrisburg.   Genevieve has 7 youth all breed Best In Show prior to the convention win.   Genevieve is Brock's own breeding and he does a great job in keep the coat in the top condition.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Taking McKenzie's Photos at Harrisburg

One of the perks of winning BOB in the convention is to have photos taken at the professional booth.
Betty takes McKenzie over to Pat Hanbery/Melanie McKeaver's booth for a photo op.

Other Best of Breed winners would be put on the table and getting photographed immediately but for an English Angora, it's grooming to the last second.

Pat asks Betty, are you quite ready yet?  Almost, just one more fluff!

Which shot do you like?

Here are Betty and McKenzie in the professional photo.