Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, February 10, 2006

Vern, Our Very Young Judge

For those who have read the current issue of Domestic Rabbits, you probably have read the Breeders Profile on Vern. He has been a judge since 1977, and he is almost 82 years young.

Last Saturday at Stockton, he was one of the judges. In the 80s, we had him judging Angora quite often. At that time, it's pretty common to have over 100 English Angora on the show table. Vern always did a wonderful job. Guess what, Vern really did not look any different from the 80s, time has not make any mark on him at all. He is as young today as then.

On Saturday, Vern judges Jersey Wooly. Our youth member Danielle worked at the judging table with Vern. Vern is teaching Danielle how to properly pose the rabbit on the show table in our photo today. Vern is well known for his contribution to youth and 4-H activities. This is certainly another evidence of his willingness to work with youth.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Joe and Kathy

Many of the serious rabbit breeders started with 4-H activities. Either they themselves were 4-H kids with rabbit projects or parents of 4-H kids who become very serious about rabbits themselves. Joe and Kathy are a prime case of 4-H parents who become very active in rabbits. Their daughter Tambria has been very competitive with her Holland Lop, she has been ranked at the top of many sweepstakes lists. Joe became a judge, an excellent one, and now a three-term ARBA district 2 director representing AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT and Mexico. Kathy is the secretary of the well run Central Valley RBA, puts on shows twice a year. They travel together to shows all over the west and out of the area to judge. Joe is doing a wonderful job in representing us and Kathy is always there supporting him. We are appreciative of their hard work. Joe and Kathy, thanks.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Judy Judging English Angora

We see Judy judging English Angora in the two photos here. The photos of the doggie training was taken early in the morning, and the English Angora judging was taken late into the afternoon. These photos recorded her activities at Stockton from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, with lots of other breeds being judged in between. It was a long but fun day.

Judy is our favorite. She was a breeder of English Angora in the 80s, won the convention Best of Breed English Angora in 1986. She did very well with the breed indeed. Later she bred Netherland Dwarf, also went all the way to the top. Now she has a nationally ranked top herd of Pomeranian dogs. She has an extensive knowledge of various breeds and animals, and she is very generous to share her knowledge with others. We all learn a lot from her.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Doggie Training at the Angora Camp

When the Angora people are setting up the "Angora Camp" at Stockton, there are some serious doggie training going on. Annie, the pampered Pomeranian, usually lives inside Doreen's jacket (see January 31 post).

On the day of Stockton, her breeder mom Judy wants to give her some proper show dog training, requiring her to walk with her four paws. For most of us who have never seen Annie's paws touching the ground, this is a new experience. Annie does not want to walk, breeder mom Judy insists that a show dog has to walk properly. Owner dad Joey and mom are ready to have a heart attack seeing Annie's paws on the ground.

Amazingly, after about 15 minutes and many "four on the ground" commands from breeder mom Judy, Annie is walking properly!

What a nice experience to start the day!

Monday, February 06, 2006

French Angora Judging

French Angora breeders came out en mass at the Stockton show. It is unusual to see the number of French Angora being greater than English Angora. French Angora breeders, great job.

In the top photo, Bruce is making comments on the beautiful colored doe with Tracy clerking in show A. In the second photo, the French Angora breeders are listening to the judge's comments.

Show B Judy judged French Angora.

Carol won BOB in both show A and show B with her colored senior doe.

There were a small number of Satin Angora shown. Tracy won Best of Breed with her beautiful white junior doe.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Emilia Wins All Breed Best In Show Again

Big Valley RA always puts on the best and biggest shows in California, especially the spring shows in February. Exhibitors come from all over the west to show on this day. The shows on Saturday is no exception, there were 18 judges doing full loads of rabbits and cavies.

It's such an honor for Chu's Emilia to win the open all breed Best In Show again in both show A and show B.

Show A Best In Show judges were Jamie from So. CA and Jeff from WA. Neither judges had seen Emilia prior to the moment when the Best In Show judging started. Reserve In Show was a Mini Rex. The second photo from left to right is Jamie, Betty with Emilia and Jeff.

In Show B, Judy from WA and Joey from So. CA also picked Emilia as Best In Show. Both Joey and Judy had seen Emilia before the Best In Show time. The third picture probably look like a repeat from two weeks ago in Santa Rosa with Chris's Holland Lop as Reserve In Show. Judy judged all the Angora prior to the Best In Show judging.

Emilia is truly a beautiful rabbit!

More photos and report to come.