Northern California Angora Guild

Friday, December 09, 2005

Helen and SuGAH

We are featuring one of our oldest members, Helen, today. Helen has been with the NCAG for over 20 years, and she also wins the contest of being our elder statesperson award. She is a 83 years young.

A couple of months ago, Helen's companion rabbit passed away at 7 years old. Helen was very sad and wished to have another rabbit. Our lovely couple Franco and Tracy came to the rescue. They drove a 4-hour round trip to deliver a Jersey Wooly to Helen. Unfortunately Helen and this Jersey Wooly did not bond. A week later, Franco and Tracy drove another 4-hour round trip to take back the Jersey Wooly and delivered a 5-week-old Satin Angora bunny from Tracy's new litter.

It works out great! Helen is very enchanted with this new Satin Angora bunny who she named SuGAH, Sugar with a southern accent. Helen cannot be happier.

Helen is a well known fiber artist and author. She teaches fiber classes, writes for Spin-Off, published several books including "How to Spin a Rabbit". At 83 years young, Helen is so active that it's hard for us to keep up.

Good job, Helen, and thanks, Franco and Tracy.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How Much Is That Doggie In The Carrier?


Betty was surprised to read the following post by Lorena on the Showbunny list after the Yuba City show:

"Pet peeves, pretty much the same as others have stated, identifying your entries to the judge is probably my biggest one, maybe the judges don't care, but the other exhibitors do, another one is dogs at a rabbit show. Gheeze, come on have some sense, I could bring one of my Border Collies, they would lay down and stare at your rabbit all day, never move a muscle and probably give them a heart attack, "but they won't hurt your rabbit" is always the reason. Leave your dogs home. (Betty's little "dog" in a cage in a sweater doesn't count) For those that didn't get to see Betty Chu's "dog" yesterday, it was a clipped English Angora in a little doggie sweater that everyone tried to figure out if it was a dog or a rabbit, she had left the furry face and even given it a little poofy tail end. "

When Betty contacted Lorena to express her surprise, Lorena answered, "HI Betty, oh, yes, your dog was the hit of our aisleway! He was soooo adorable! When he ate out of his feeder, he looked just like a little dog eating out of his bowl."

Well, our readers may like to see what Lorena is talking about. The top photo is Tonnie with his full coat. He was winning Best Opposite Sex award to the pretty does all the way through the Lodi shows on November 26. He was entered in the Yuba City show on Dec. 3. When Betty discovered that his bottom was too wet and too messy to groom, he was clipped down in the show room. The second photo is the "doggie" look. How big is an English Angora? Well, our readers can see the majority of the rabbit is the coat.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lou's Farewell Show

After 23 years of being a judge, Lou has decided to hang up his judge's license. Lou received his judge's license in 1982. He has been active in the show scene for a long time with 23 years judging and putting on shows. The show in Yuba City is sponsored by NCRBA, a club that Lou used to be the president. We called this show "Lou's show". It is fitting that Lou is ending his judging career in this show.

It's a great honor that Lou judged Angora in his farewell show. We were the last breeds in his long distinguish career in judging. In the top photo, Lou is pictured with Chu's Emilia, the last BOB and BIS Lou picked. In the second photo, Lou is judging French Angora with Tracy doing the writing. In the third photo Jane, Lou's wife, pays him a visit. Jane used to be very active in shows too but we don't see her as often now. We were thrilled to see her in Yuba City.

Lou is a good judge and kind person. It is always nice to see such a friendly person with a smile on his face in shows. We will miss him behind the judging table. Lou has been awarded lifetime Registrar's license by ARBA, he will still do registration on a limited basis. We hope to still see him in shows.

Coincidently enough that Betty started showing English Angora the same year as Lou received his license in 1982. Both were in the sane show when Betty showed English Angora for the first time in Cow Palace in 1982. Lou completed his judging career picking one of Betty's rabbits as the Best In Show in Yuba City. Betty feels very honored and thrilled.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Emilia Wins Double Best In Show

Betty's English Angora chocolate tort senior doe Chu's Emilia won all breed Best In Show and specialty Best In Show on Saturday in Yuba City. The all breed show is sponsored by the Northern California Rabbit Breeders Association and the specialty show is sponsored by the NCAG.

Emilia is currently 9-1/4 months old, the coat is totally primed. She has won an all breed Reserve In Show in September when she was 6-1/4 months old. her photo is featured at the top.

In the second photo, from left to right is Sharon, Betty, Lou and Tami. Lou and Sharon are the two judges who pick the Best In Show and Reserve In Show. Sharon also judged the NCAG specialty show. Tami won Reserve In Show with her massive French Lop.

The English Angora Best Opposite Sex goes to Betty's back senior buck Chu's Dixon in both the all breed show and the specialty show.

The Best Of Breed French Angora belongs to Tracy's colored senior doe, Best Opposite Sex also belongs to Tracy, her white senior buck is the winner. The Satin Angora Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex go to Patti's juniors.

In the NCAG show judged by Sharon, the Best Of Breed French Angora is Tracy's white junior doe, the Best Opposite Sex is Lindsay colored senior buck.

This is the farewell show for long time judge Lou. We are thrilled to have the chance to have our rabbits judged by him and the English Angora to win the Best In Show.