Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jeff H., Previous Vice President of ARBA

It has been a long time since we see Jeff H. of North Carolina judging in a show. Jeff was the vice president of ARBA in the 80s, very active then.

In Monterey, we saw so many judges and breeders all over the country coming for the breed nationals. Jeff H. was one of the out of town judges. He judged all three breeds of Angora in show B. Pictured here is he judging French Angora with Tracy taking down the comments.

In Jeff's "real life", he was a long time classroom teacher, now the director of technology for the school district in North Carolina.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Bryce on Skateboard

No, these are not pictures of any breed of Angora. The ears are wrong, the fur is wrong.

It is a cute Holland Lop.

Christine F. sends in these pictures to show that Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog does not have a monopoly on skateboard. Bryce loves skateboarding too.

Bryce is one of Christine's top Holland Lops. He is not only cute, he is a wonderful show rabbit, a herd buck and a beloved pet. One of his big accomplishments is winning the Best of Breed in the 2002 ARBA convention over 1000 Holland Lops from all over the world.

Christine is very proud of Bryce.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Eugene Jr, An ARBA Judge and Top Tan Breeder

Tan is a family affair for the Johnston family. Two generations of Eugene are both known for the wonderful Tan that they raise. Eugene Jr, an ARBA judge, flew from NE to attend the Tan National in Monterey. He stayed for the all breed shows on Sunday, we were happy to see him in our shows.

When Joe returned to his childhood love for rabbits after 10 years on the Wall Street, one of the top breeders who helped Joe to get started again was Eugene Jr. It's evident that the good stock had helped Joe's success in breeding and showing of Tan.

We hope to see Eugene Jr. in shows again soon.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is Joe Getting Into English Angora?

Joe is well known for his herd of Tan. His Tan won the Best In Show in the 2003 ARBA convention in Wichita.

Joe is very bright, very driven but easily bored. Guess what? He is getting out of Tan because there isn't much left for him to do. He is starting a new breed.

Is he getting into English Angora? That will give we English Angora breeders a chill, he will be hard to beat! Rest easy, though he is pictured here with two adorable English Angora bunnies, he is not the owner. He is helping Mama Betty to getting her bunnies off the show table.

What's Joe's new breed? Californian! Cali breeders take note, you got competition coming!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ron, A Top Cavy Judge and Rabbit Breeder

We got to see a lot of breeders and judges who we don't usually see in Monterey at the end of April. There were three breed nationals, open rabbit shows, youth rabbit shows and cavy shows.

Ron is a top cavy judge and a premiere Himalayan rabbit breeder. Ron's cavy won the 1990 ARBA convention cavy Best In Show, he has since been the convention Best In Show judge for cavy many times. His Himalayan rabbit herd is top notch, winning on a regular basis.

Long before Betty started in rabbits, Ron's family had raised Angora. Betty got to learn a lot from him when she first started. Ron has given Betty a rare Angora book published in the 50s, Betty treasured it very much.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Doug and His Family

We have not seen our handsome judge Doug and his French Bull Dog family on our blog for a while. We caught them in Stockton, Doug, Ruby and Mick were there, but Miss Joanie was in a dog show. She did really well, we learned later that she took the first place.

Doug and his main lady Champion Ruby are shown in the top photo. The second photo shows Doug with Ruby and Mick.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

NCAG Show at Stockton

Our guild held a specialty show in conjunction with the BVRA all breed open shows at Stockton on Saturday. There are English Angora, French Angora and Satin Angora in the show. Our judge is Melissa, one of the young raising judges. She does a great job, as usual. She is examining a white junior buck in the picture.

The specialty Best In Show winner is Chu's Eqadora, shown in the top photo. Eqadora is a younger sister to Emilia, Emilia is not a participant of the specialty show.