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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Show A Angora Judging at Hollister

RPSCV show A at Hollister

Judge Carol starts the Angora judging with white English Angora.


On the table is one of the four colored senior does.    Matt is the table writer.

Judge Carol also judges Satin Angora, Casey writes.


French Angora in show A is judged by Amy.


Judge Amy is comparing the BOV white winner with the BOV colored winner.

For a complete list of Angora results, go to:


Friday, December 08, 2017

English Angora Glamz Edge of Glory Wins All Breed Reserve In Show in NJ

Gaby reports that her blue tort doe, GLAMZ Edge of Glory, earned a Reserve Best in Show at the Garden State Rabbit Breeders Association Show on December 2 under Nita Butler.


Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thank You, Professor Rakowski

This photo was taken on August 10, 1973, printed in September 1973 (see the right edge).    Don't know whether you'd recognize who it is.  Well, that's me, Betty Chu.   I accepted my PhD diploma from my dissertation advisor Professor James J. Rakowski on that day.     University of Notre Dame has two graduation ceremonies during the summer, a more formal one in May and then one less formal in August.   My degree was conferred in August 1973.    Professor Rakowski was instrumental in my successfully completing my PhD in Economics at Notre Dame in Indiana.  When I arrived at Notre Dame in 1969, I was a foreign student with limited English fluency, without family and without friend, scared and unsure of what my future was.  I was lucky to have made friends, met my dear husband and received unwavering support from Professor Rakowski, I completed my Master's and PhD degrees in Economics in 4 years.


I visited Professor Rakowski and his family in 1976 when I took extra courses at University of Chicago but had not seen him since then.  We are in contact every year in December when he has his birthday and during Christmas.    It was on my wish list to see him again.   After 41 years my wish was fulfilled at the ARBA convention in Indiana this October.   Professor Rakowski and wife Dr. Cathy Rakowski came to visit me at the showroom.  

In 1973 he was in early stage of his teaching career at University of Notre Dame and I had yet to start my teaching career at San Jose State University.    In 2017, both of us are now retired from our teaching careers.   How time flies.

Today is Professor Rakowski's birthday, Happy Birthday and thank you, Professor James J. Rakowski.


Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Huge Christmas Show in Michigan



Judges line up and the Best Cavy at the Michigan Christmas show on December 2, 2017.     

There are several huge regional shows.   The one that we are most familiar with is the West Coast Classic or we usually just call it WCC.   In PA, the Penn State Convention is well known for the huge line up of judges and massive number of exhibitors in the snowy February, then there's the OH mini convention.   David Moll has launched a new big regional show with is MI/OH Line RBA show in December. 


David and Allen are arriving with lots of Christmas presents for the good boys, good girls and good bunnies.


This is one of the 9 Christmas trees in the show room.

Allen judges next to the large boxes of presents/raffle items.

David solicited and collected over 100 incredible raffle items including a 55 inch flat screen TV.

There are two 6' x 6' wrapped gift boxes in the showroom.


With one of the decorated Christmas trees in the background, the featured raffle item is the 55-inch TV.

Boxes and boxes of Christmas presents.

Another 6-foot gift box.


After the show, Gabe, Eric and Allen visited the Zielinger Wool Mill and saw this wool decorated Christmas tree.  They said, "Betty's grooming tree"!   

Zielinger Wool Mill still uses their very old machinery to process wool.

After the wool mill, Allen, Gabe and Eric (taking this photo) visited Bronner's Christmas Store, the biggest Christmas store in the world.

The inside of Bronner's Christmas Store is something like 5 football fields.

We thank Allen for sharing these fun photos and facts. 


Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Open Top Winners at Hollister

Rabbit Producers at Santa Clara Valley holds triple all breed shows at Hollister on December 2, 2017.
In show A, judge Scott R. awards the Best In Show to Jennifer's Florida White and Reserve In Show to Chris's Holland Lop.

In show B, judge Cheryl B. picks Alan's Havana as the Best In Show and Kelly's Tan as the Reserve In Show.


Show C Best In Show is judged by Judge Allan who awards the top honor to Dee's Havana and Reserve In Show to Haley's Dutch.


Monday, December 04, 2017

HGF Noble is a Double Group Winner

It's the big Christmas Show in Michigan this weekend.    Judges and exhibitors from many states participated in this show including our Randy and Allen.

Good news from French Angora HGF Noble who won double Group 3 winner in both shows.     HGF Noble is bred and shown by Eric and Gabe of PA.


Sunday, December 03, 2017

Katelyn's French Angora 7 Pines Ariel Wins Double Youth Best In Show in Iowa

Judge Meara awards the youth Best In Show to Katelyn's French Angora 7 Pines Ariel.

In the second show judge Alyssa also awards the youth Best In Show to Katelyn's 7 Pine Ariel.


Katelyn is a third generation Angora breeder/exhibitor.  She resides in Minnesota with mom Alicia and grandma Deb.    Proud grandma Deb reports,

"Katelyn had a couple of big wins last weekend with one of her broken does, 7 Pine's Ariel.  At least this doe is more laid back than Luna, and let's Katelyn do pretty much anything with her.  So, a little better experience than Luna.  She even lays really nicely, upside down, for Katelyn to get her underside.  And, I have to say, Katelyn did an amazing job, cleaning up a wet, messy butt.  She even corn-starched her and got most of it out herself.  I was impressed.  We still have to help her get the rabbit flipped over, and point out a few things, but she does a majority of the grooming herself now.
So, anyway, Katelyn took BIS in both show 1 & 2 at the Cedar Rapids Rabbit Show in Fort Dodge, IA.  Show 1 was with Judge Meara, and show 2 was with Judge Alyssa."
Congratulations to Katelyn.