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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Rabbit Petunia Wins A Million Dollars

American's Got Talent (AGT) finale last night reveals the million dollar winner: The Rabbit!

OK, OK, it's not really the rabbit but rabbit Petunia's ventriloquist Darci Lynn, 12 years old,  who won the top prize at AGT.  Rabbit Petunia certainly helped; Petunia was used for audition,  Petunia was used in the final performance and Petunia was with Darci Lynn all the way to the million dollar top prize. 

Rabbits are good luck charms, good performers, and good companions, we sure all agree to that.  Congratulations to Darci Lynn and Petunia.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Open Top Winners at Stockton

Big Valley RA holds double all breed shows, double youth shows and cavy shows on Saturday, September 16, 2017.   The barn is full of happy exhibitors.  According to Dolores, there are 256 rabbit exhibitors.   We also counted 11 judging stations with 10 stations being used all day long while one station used half of day plus being used as the Best In Show judging.
In show A, Jeanette's Netherland Dwarf wins the Best In show from judge Doug. 

Show A Reserve In Show goes to Laci's Holland Lop.

Jeanette's Netherland Dwarf turns out to be the big winner of the day, judge Linda also picks it as the Best In Show.

Betty's French Angora gets the Reserve In Show award from judge Linda in show B.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

French Angora Gifta Wins Reserve In Show at Stockton

Big Valley RA holds double open all breed, youth all breed and cavy shows at Stockton on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  
Pretty French Angora doe BCG Gifta just made 6 months old.  Gifta is bred and owned by Betty.

Gifta gets a nod from judge Linda Bell in show B, receives the honor of all breed Reserve In Show.

Gifta is in the extra large holding coop waiting to be examined during the show B Best In Show judging.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Giant Angora Heart Felt Hares Annabel Wins Best In Show in Indonesia

Scott Rodriguez, ARBA Judge #877 reports:
Best in Show 2017 Kelinci Indonesia September Show - Jakarta, Indonesia
HFH Annabel
Junior Giant Angora doe
Owner: Sugita Yohanes Hermanto
Breeder: Debbie McCormick, North Carolina - USA
Congtatulations to both Sugita and Debbie.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tucking in the Loose Ends

It's pretty to have different colors on one piece of garment, do you know what the wrong side looks like?  
On the right is the right side of one fingerless mitten with three colors, black, coral and chestnut agouti.  On the left is the wrong side of the other mitten with all the loose ends hanging.   Each color adds a few loose ends, there are lots of loose ends to be tucked in.   How do you tuck in the loose end?   Use a crochet hook needle to hide the each one of them.


On the left it still shows the wrong side of the fingerless mitten but all the loose ends are hidden, this process is called "tucking in the loose ends". 


Turn the wrong side over to the right side, now the pair of the fingerless mitten is done.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dyed Wool Before and After Hand Pulling

Dyeing wool involves wetting the wool, adding color then cook the wool.   From the pot the dyed wool is usually a wet mess.   After days of drying, the wool looks all matted and clumped.

As long as the wool is not webbed or matted before being dyed, it's very easy to tear the clumps apart by hand.    Compare the first photo with the second photo, all it takes is a gentle pulling.   It's better to pull the wool with the natural alignment instead of sideways.   It's easier to pull and better for spinning later on.

Here is a batch of dyed magenta English Angora wool.   The clumps on the left are dried but yet to be pulled apart.   The cloud on the right are the hand-pulled dyed wool.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Found on the Net: Giant Rabbit at Sacramento Airport

Sacramento International Airport has an art piece that us rabbit breeder can totally appreciate: A giant rabbit sculpture!  The name of the project is called "Leap".

This is the conceptual drawing before the sculpture was actually installed.

Artist Lawrence Argent started with the basic frame. Material: Aluminum and crushed glass.


The outside material are being installed piece by piece.


The rabbit is almost done.  The size of the rabbit is 56ft x 11.5ft x 24ft, completed in 2011.

For more photos and information, go to:


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Casey's Basset Hound Rosy is now a Champion

Casey shows Angora rabbits, also shows a Basset Hound.   Her girl dog Rosy recently won another major at a show in Reno achieves the Champion status.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Maureen is a Mittenholic

Maureen likes to knit and wear Angora mittens, and black mittens are her favorite.
Though this pair is not all black, there's a black cat to help preserve the black content for the photo op.

Maureen continuous to knit mittens though she has so many pairs.

These are the mittens that were in the box in the above photo.


And these are the future mittens, but she can't wear all of them herself.

If you are interested in getting a pair of beautiful, warm, handspun/hand knit Angora mittens,
contact Maureen at

Her workmanship is impeccable but the price is reasonable. 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

More Pretty French Angora Girls

Jill's pretty chocolate agouti doe Helena Ravenclaw sitting on her grooming stand.

Helena's side profile.

Jill likes this chestnut junior doe Firebolt even better.

Melody has three promising chestnut young junior does.

The French Angora table will have lots of pretty girls competing for the judges' attentions.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sandy's Knitted Cowl

If you are a member of ARBA, you must've read column of "The Creative Cooks"
Sandy is not only a creative cook but also an accomplished knitter.
Sandy started the cowl using circular needles.

The skein of yarn that she got from Betty matches exactly the yardage needed for the pattern of the cowl.
Her pup totally approves the effort.

The cowl drapes on Sandy's neck. 


Or can be worn as a small stole.



Sunday, September 10, 2017

Gifta is a Beauty

French Angora Gifta is being blown.    Gifta is still a junior but has been competing in the senior class for a while.

More blowing.

Working on the wool near the rear end.

A little finish brushing.

Ready to conquer the show table!

Five-month-old Gifta is doing so well that she gets the BOB in both show A and show B over the real senior does.  



Saturday, September 09, 2017

From Coffee Filter to Beautiful Flower

A plain coffee filter.


Seven coffee filters become seven beautiful flowers.

The middle flower has been dyed into a peachy pink, absolutely gorgeous.
These beautiful flowers are made by Carolyn.   If you are inspired and wish to learn how to do it, you'll find many different ways to make them, from easy to time-consuming.   Here are some photos on:


Friday, September 08, 2017

Jada Getting Ready for the Show Table


Jada is on the grooming table being groomed by mama Betty.


All the blowing from behind, ...


Brushing and brushing, ...


Jada looks puffy and fluffy, ready to go!

After all the blowing, brushing, fluffing, puffing, now Jada is squeezed into this little coop.


Thursday, September 07, 2017

English Angora Fendi Wins All Breed Best In Show in PA

Gaby with judge Eric who awarded the all breed Best In Show to her English Angora colored buck Fendi.

Judge Johnny is the 4-class judge.


Gaby reports:
I attended the West Branch Rabbit Breeders shows in Mill Hall, PA this past Sunday and we had a nice showing of English Angoras with 9 very nice entries.  My Colored Senior Buck, GLAMZ Fendi, was Best of Breed in both Show A and Show B, and he earned a Best 4-Class in Show B under Johnny Haussener and went on to take Best in Show under Eric Stewart!  I'm very excited to see how he does the rest of the fall show season.  He earned multiple Reserve in Shows as a Junior this past spring.