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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017


Bunnies and the Northern California Angora Guild wishes everyone a

Hoppy Happy Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How Big Should a Carrier be?

When flying with rabbits, some has encounter the issue of the carrier compartment sizes.   More than one person had been turned down for allowing rabbits to fly because the airline cargo office consider the compartment being too small.  Airline regulations require that the animal being able to stand up and to turn around.     Wool breed exhibitors encounter such issues much more than others.
Nutcracker's coat is going toward the end, it's still pretty and dense but it's getting very hard to groom.   I'm getting ready to cut him down.  Before I cut him down, I'm showing how the wool could mislead others who are not familiar with wool breeds.

On the ground is a very small carrier; it is the same size as a compartment for airline travel.  
The dimension of this carrier is 16" x 8" x 12" with the 10" as the interior height.


Nutcracker is put into this small carrier, he looks like a 20 pound rabbit being stuffed into an itsy bitsy carrier.


Nutcracker is on the grooming table being cut down.


In the carrier is again Nutcracker who weighs 6-3/4 pounds with wool and 6-1/4 pound without wool.  See how roomy it is for him now that his wool is on the stool than on his body.

The wool acts like a cushion for the wool breed rabbits, it reduces the chance of injury in case there is a air turbulence .


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Angora Rabbits in Casio Commercial

Youth Angora breeder Anna Lang doing spinning demonstration.

Youth Angora breeder Anna Lang of Missouri has been active in the wonderful world of Angora.  She does well in ARBA shows, she spins and she also uses her rabbits as therapy rabbits to comfort residents in rest homes.   Recently she added another accomplishment, her rabbits starred in a Casio commercial that airs regularly in Japan:


Monday, November 20, 2017

Elephant Ears at Indy

At the convention showroom, there are a couple of food booths.   One of them has this big sign advertising Elephant Ears.   Those of us from the west have never heard of such a thing, so we got to try it.

The ingredients seem to be about the same as funnel cakes, flour, fat, loads of sugar and cinnamon deep fried.  The difference is that funnel cake is fried from runny batter so it's airy and light while the elephant ears is a deep fried solid dough, so it's dense and heavy.  Other than the texture, the taste is about the same.

Julia tries a small piece of elephant ears.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Heinold Photo Booth at Indy

It's customary to have photos taken at the Heinold Feed booth when one wins the BOB or BOSB. 

Betty with Chu's Fawnalisa, English Angora BOB.

Betty with Chu's Brighton, English Angora BOSB.

Betty with English Angora BOB and BOSB. 

The above photos were taken by judge Tonna Thomas, she has a good handle in catching the right moments to show off the beauty of the rabbits.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Val's BOB Show Coat to a Beautiful Scarf

For a buck, Val's coat is tremendous.

At the Stockton show in mid September, Val's beautiful coat flowing in the wind.

Mama Betty fusses over Val's show coat.

Mama Betty blows Val's coat.

All the work pays off at Stockton, Val is the double BOB winner that day.

All beautiful show coats have to come to an end, here is the yarn from Val's show coat.

From the show coat to the yarn, now it is a nice, long, thick, warm scarf.   Who says that the English Angora is not multi-purpose animal!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Jill and Amanda in Carolyn's Lens

Jill and her French Angora colored senior buck.

Jill grooming her French Angora colored senior doe Firebolt. 

Jill is now a knitter!!!  Patrick seems to appreciate her new hobby.

Amanda is younger than most of the people in the Angora group but she sure does a good job.   All her rabbits are impeccably groomed and well cared for.


The chocolate pearl buck gets a close up shot.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Casey and Matt in Carolyn's Lens


Casey with her little black junior English Angora; she has not had an English Angora litter for a while, it's very rewarding to be able to have such a cutie.

Casey and her Satin Angora.


Casey is blowing grooming her senior Satin Angora.

Matt looks very serious when grooming his black English Angora doe.

He is a bit relaxed in this photo.

Pretty black doe that won BOB in show A.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Carol and Betty in Carolyn's Lens

Carolyn comes to visit at Placerville, she is really good at capturing the activities of the Angora exhibitors.


We'll start with Carol who is working on her French Angora white senior buck.


A close up of Carol grooming her white French Angora buck.

Carol blowing her white French Angora buck.    The shade makes the buck look like an ermine, no, it's a ruby eye white.

Carol and her French Angora colored junior doe.

Betty and her English Angora colored buck Brighton.

Brighton gets a close up shot.

Betty using her blower on colored senior doe.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Angora Judging at Placerville

Show A judge for Angora is Allen who is considered one of the best to judge wool breeds.  On the table are the French Angora colored senior does.

While judge Allen checks the French Angora, Kate is getting the paperwork ready for the next class.

There are 21 English Angora for judge Allen to examine.

There are some beautiful English Angora for judge Allen to pick from.

It's the lucky day for Angora exhibitors.  Show B is judged by Randy who is also one of the top judges in the country, regularly judge convention Best In Show.   Judge Randy is very impressed with the quality of the Satin Angora presented on the table.

Matt is watching intensively of his white English Angora on the table.

Are there enough "equipment" on this English Angora colored buck?  Yes, there are.

Judge Randy likes Angora with younger and fresher coats.

For a complete list of Angora winners, go to:

Monday, November 13, 2017

Open Top Winners at Placerville

The Motherlode RBA holds double all breed shows at Placerville, CA on November 11, 2017.
Judge Bryant (far left) picks the New Zealand as the Best In Show and the English Spot as the Reserve In Show.  The New Zealand are owned and shown by Randy and Randy on the right and the English Spot is owned and shown by Louis.


It's the day of New Zealand; judge Tracy in the middle picks Karen's New Zealand as the Best In Show and the Satin as the Reserve In Show.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Betty's Old Big Fluff Ball Picture Resurface Again

Betty's Photo with Chu's Lilianna was taken in July 2011 in the CRCS show at Watsonville.   Every so often the internet websites will "rediscover" this photo.   Some websites ask for permission to use this photo and sometimes even offers to pay a fee, sometimes this photo just pops up unexpectedly.

Today Maureen writes, "Betty, you are AOL famous, you are in the AOL headline news list".  

Here it is

and Lilianna is ranked #2 "Animals with the best hair ever".

2. This rabbit: Believe it or not, there is a rabbit under all that fur. While he or she may look like a cotton ball on steroids, it’s actually rockin’ a ‘do that’s quite the talk of the town in rabbit culture.