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Monday, September 22, 2014

Open Top Winners at Stockton

Judge Allan O. from Utah picks Scott's Dutch as the open Best In Show in show A.

The Reserve In Show goes to an American.

In Show B, Carol G's American Fuzzy Lop gets the Best In Show award from judge Linda. 

Reserve In Show in show B is Bruce's Dutch.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Great Show Day for American Fuzzy Lop

Big Valley RA sponsors double open and double youth shows at Stockton on September 20, 2014.   This date proves to be a great day for the American Fuzzy Lop. 

In youth show A, judge Cathy awards the Best In Show honor to Raymond's American Fuzzy Lop.


In open show B, judge Linda selects Carol G's American Fuzzy Lop as the open Best In Show.    Carol provides mentorship to many youth including Raymond, and their Fuzzy bloodline are related.  It's sure a wonderful day for Carol and Raymond and for the American Fuzzy Lop in general.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Solid vs. Broken

This is a solid chestnut agouti French Angora.


Another view of the solid chestnut agouti doe.

This is also a chestnut agouti doe except that the chestnut is combined with white, thus it's a "broken".   In rabbit terminology, "broken" means any accepted color combined with white. 


Broken gene is dominant of the solid gene, this gene is not in the regular ABCDE series.   The ABCDE of this broken chestnut agouti is the same as the solid chestnut agouti


  Two solid rabbits cannot produce any broken offspring while it's possible for two broken parents to produce solid offspring if both parents carry the solid gene.   The broken pattern gives a clue of whether the rabbit carries the solid gene.   If the white and colored are about pretty evenly represented, more than likely that the rabbit carries solid gene.    If a rabbit carries two broken genes, the pattern is mostly white with very little color, in rabbit terms, it's called a "Charlie".  

At the current time within the four breeds of Angora, broken pattern is only accepted in French Angora.   There are breeders working on trying to get the broken pattern accepted in English Angora and Satin Angora.



Friday, September 19, 2014

Lilac Tort vs. Cream

Lilac tort English Angora doe Chu's McKenzie:


Cream English Angora doe Chu's Zoey:


If one compares the genetic make up of the two colors, the only difference is in the A series.    Lilac tort is a non-agouti while the cream is an agouti pattern.   Visually the difference is on the face.  The lilac tort has a solid lilac nose and mask while the cream has white eye circles and white half moons just under the nostrils.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Four Breeds of Angora

From left to right are Giant Angora, English Angora, French Angora and Satin Angora.  These are the four Best of Breed winners in the 2013 Angora National at Reno. 

From left to right are Satin Angora, Giant Angora,  English Angora and French Angora.  These are the four Best of Breed winners in the 2014 NCAG and WCC shows at Reno.

There are four ARBA recognized Angora breeds: in alphabetical order they are English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora and Satin Angora.   Breeders in different areas have different preferences thus it's hard to have all four breeds showing up at shows at the same time.   The above two photos were taken at Reno in 2013 and 2014 where all four breeds were present.   In our "normal" shows in the No. CA/NV area, the largest number usually belong to the English Angora then the next is the French Angora.   The Giant Angora and the Satin Angora are rare.  

There will be a treat: this coming Saturday at Stockton, all four Angora breeds will be represented in the show.   Most of the English Angora and French Angora are local while the Giant Angora and the Satin Angora are coming from WA.   For those who wish to view all four Angora breeds, come on over to the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds at Stockton this coming Saturday, September 20.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Delicious in Red

 Betty handspun two skeins of white English Angora bulky yarn then dyed them with KoolAid.  The combination is 2 packs of cherry, 2 packs of wild cherry and 2 packs of strawberry.   The skeins look and smell delicious.   Betty plans to make a very red hat from the yarn.


The next morning, one of the two skeins has been knitted into a red hat with some leftover.   The leftover red yarn will be combined with either white or fawn English Angora yarn to make another hat.   The morning light makes the color less intense.



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Found on the Net: Moon Rabbit Exhibit in Taiwan

Artist Florentijn Hofman made a huge white rabbit by the name of "Moon Rabbit" for the Taoyuan Land Festival in Taiwan.  The "Moon Rabbit" is alternatively called the "Jade Rabbit".   
The Moon Rabbit attracts tens and thousands of tourists to the countryside.

People want to get close to the Moon Rabbit to take pictures.

At night the purple lighting gives the Moon Rabbit a mysterious feel.

Moon Rabbit legend is associated with the Harvest Moon Festival.   It's quite appropriate for the Moon Rabbit to enjoy the full harvest moon.

Artist Florentijn Hofman.   To learn more about the artist and his other projects, go to:



Monday, September 15, 2014

Debbie Has a Nice Show Day

Debbie from NC shares a photo of her with her two English Angora BOB and BOS winners in the show during the weekend.    One of the judges in the show is our CA judge Doug who gave Debbie's rabbits very good comments.    The white doe is still a junior but with gorgeous coat, imagine what she will look like as a senior. 

The judging coops in the background are similar to those in OH, there isn't any cover on the coops.   They are totally different from what we are used to in CA.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mackie Thinks He is Handsome on All Sides

Mackie thinks that he is very handsome.


Left side or right side, Mackie feels that he is equally good looking.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fair N Square Wants to Know Which is His Good Side

French Angora buck wants to know whether his back side is good looking?
Or this side is better?
May be the very front side?



Friday, September 12, 2014

Scenes at Santa Maria

Exhibitors are setting up at the barn.

The barn is half open and half close.  Two sides have solid wall while the other two sides are totally open. 
KW cages have nice cages and supplies in the booth.

Someone offering professional grooming service at the show?   Or it's just a trailer good for bunny transport?


Toward the end of the show, many have left and the barn is thinning out.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Best In Show Judging at Santa Maria

Show A Best In Show judging.

Show B Best In Show judging.

Show C Best In Show judging.

English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Franchesca wins Best In Show in all three shows.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Angora Judging at Santa Maria

In show A, judge Michael is comparing the best colored and the best white English Angora for Best of Breed.


Show B judge Kathleen is working on the white English Angora.


Judge Allen is checking on the freshness of the wool of the colored English Angora.

For a complete list of show results, go to:


Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Youth Top Winners at Santa Maria

In youth show A, judge Kathleen picks the Mini Lop as the Best In Show.   The Mini Lop belongs to Ben V. but he has to work on that day, sister Leanna stands in for the win.   The Reserve In show goes to Sara's American Fuzzy Lop.
In youth show B, judge Chris Z picks Emma's Holland Lop as the Best In Show, Sara's Netherland Dwarf gets the award of Reserve In Show.

In youth show C, judge Melissa's choice of Best In Show is the Californian owned by Ben V who is not in the showroom.   Judges gets to take a picture with the rabbit but not the owner.

The youth show C Reserve In Show winner is Emily's Mini Rex, Emily is holding the prize while judge Melissa is trying to prevent the rabbit from escaping.  


There is an additional prize awarded for youth exhibitors whose rabbits are bred by themselves.  Jaycee gets the Best Youth Bred Rabbit prize from judge Scott. 



Monday, September 08, 2014

Mid Autumn Festival

It's the Mid Autumn or Harvest Moon Festival today, the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar.  


Today is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, more commonly known as the Harvest Moon Festival by people outside China. It is on the 15th day of the 8th month on the Lunar calendar. It is a festival celebrating harvest, similar to Thanksgiving in the US.

The 15th day of the 8th month on the Lunar calendar is the day with the brightest full moon during the entire year, thus this festival is also known as the Harvest Moon Festival.This Festival has a legend that includes a rabbit. Not as common as the other names, once a while it is also called the Rabbit Festival.

Thousands of years ago, there were nine suns that scorched the earth day and night continuously. The earth was in a plight of severe drought. A "hero", Hou-Yee, who was proficient in archery shot down eight of the nine suns, as a result he was crowned the king. Then Hou-Yee became a cruel dictator, wanting to live forever. He had miracle medicine made, with the help from a rabbit, for him that he would ingest and then he would live forever. His queen Churn-O, the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, did not want the people to suffer. She ingested all the miracle medicine, became very light and started flying. She took the rabbit with her and landed on the moon. The rabbit, Chinese referred to as "the Jade Rabbit", continuously make medicine in the moon until today. Churn-O and the Jade Rabbit live in the moon happily ever after.

Many years later, a tradition of eating "Moon Cake" was added to this festival. Here is a drawing of flying Chum-O with the Jade Rabbit that I found on a moon cake advertisement.
This is a gift box of moon cakes.

For the roundest and fullest harvest moon, go outside tonight and enjoy the sight.


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Franchesca Wins Triple Best In Show at Santa Maria

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows started the regular fall season with triple open and triple youth shows at the Santa Barbara County Fairgrounds in Santa Maria on Sept. 6, 2014.
Franchesca does really well in the triple open shows.


In show A, judge Allen awards the all breed Best In Show to Betty's English Angora Chu's Franchesca and Reserve In Show to Holly's Himalayan.   Holly's Himalayan won a Best In Show and a Reserve In Show at Crescent City 5-show weekend during the long Labor day weekend.


In show B, judge Joe selects the two same rabbits that won in show A: Betty's English Angora wins Best In Show and Holly's Himalayan wins Reserve In Show.


In Shows C, judge Michael picks Betty's English Angora Best In Show again, Jeannie's Polish gets the award of Reserve In Show.

Franchesca is the big winner of the day: She wins three all breed Best In Show out of three shows.   This is Betty's first triple Best In Show on one day.

At Monterey Fair last Sunday, Franchesca won double Best In Show.  At CRCS shows at Santa Maria on Saturday, Franchesca won triple Best In Show.   She has 5 all breed Best In Show out of 5 shows in less than a week.