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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cody and His Satin Angora at Red Bluff


We don't see Satin Angora much in the Northern CA show circuit, it's unusual to see two Satin Angora on the show table at Red Bluff.
The Satin Angora belongs to Cody, here is him with his chinchilla Satin Angora buck.

Cody and his white Satin Angora with judge Allen.

Cody and his chinchilla Satin Angora again at the grooming area.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Angora Judging at Red Bluff

On Friday night, judge Cole from ND is having a good time working with English Angora.   Cole has recently received his judge's license, he is considered an up and coming young judge.

Judge Cole is examining a chinchilla Satin Angora. 

On Saturday morning, judge Allen is working on a white Satin Angora with Cody writing.

Judge Allen works on the senior English Angora with Casey waiting for his comments.

Judge Allen compares the tips of the colored senior does.
In show B on Saturday, judge Roger from Oregon is teaching registrar Mary from WA on the fine points of Angora judging.  Casey does the writing.

Judge Roger and Mary are having a discussion about the younger English Angora.

Judge Roger lets Mary do the examination.

On Sunday show C, judge Melissa works on the English Angora, Cody does the clerking.

Cody is a Satin Angora breeder but gets a chance to feel the English Angora coat.

Judge Melissa is commenting on a French Angora while Cody records her comments.

In show D on Sunday afternoon, judge Allan from Utah works on the English Angora.

Judge Allen is blowing into the English Angora coat while Timmy looks on.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Best of the Best In Show at Red Bluff

With five open shows and four youth shows, there are quite a few Best In Show winners.   All the Best In Show rabbits are gathered to compete for the Best of the Best In Show title.  It is not an official ARBA title thus judging may or may not be done by an ARBA licensed judge.  On Sunday, registrar Danielle does the honor of picking Karen's New Zealand as the Best of the Best In Show.   This rabbit is the only one that won the Best In Show three times during the weekend.

Danielle is very close to be eligible in taking the judge's license test, more than likely she will be a licensed judge in the same show next year.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Youth Top Winners at Red Bluff

The Rabbit Club sponsors two youth all breed shows on Saturday and the California Rabbit and Cavy Shows sponsors two youth all breed shows on Sunday.
Lena's Himalayan is the most consistent winner winning four Reserve In Show out of the four shows.

Show A Best In Show goes to a Mini Rex, photo unavailable.

Makayla's English Lop is the youth Best In Show in show B on Saturday.

The Maki family's Holland Lop is the youth Best In Show in show C on Sunday.

Show D youth Best In Show goes to a Netherland Dwarf from NV, photo unavailable.



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Open Top Winners at Red Bluff on Sunday

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows hold double open and double youth all breed shows at Red Bluff on Sunday, December 14, 2014.   

Judge Allan from Utah picks Randy and Alan R.'s New Zealand as the Best In Show in the first show that is designated as show C.

Show C Reserve In Show goes to Melissa's Mini Satin.
With the standing arrangement going from the tallest are: judge Allan, the co-owners of the New Zealand Randy and Alan R. and the Reserve In Show owner Melissa lining up for the photo op.

The second show of the day is designated as show D, judge Kendal from WA picks Randy (not in the photo) and Alan R.'s Californian as the Best In Show.

The Reserve In Show goes to Randy and Allen's Netherland Dwarf.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Karen's New Zealand Wins Triple Best In Show at Red Bluff

The Rabbit Club holds one open show on the evening of December 12, 2014, double open and double youth shows on December 13, 2014.
In the Friday night show, judge Cathy picks Karen's New Zealand as the Best In Show and Lisa's Mini Lop as the Reserve In Show.  Lisa has left the showroom before the Best In Show judging.

In show A on Saturday, Karen's New Zealand wins Best In Show again, Judy's Mini Rex is the Reserve In Show.  The Best In Show judge is Cole from ND.

In show B on Saturday, judge Roger from OR also picks Karen's New Zealand as the Best In Show.

Show B judge Roger picks John's Mini Satin as the Reserve In Show.



Monday, December 15, 2014

An Education Session by Judge Carol G.

During a show recently, Cindy brought her 4-H kids to judge Carol G. for an educational session of how to check a rabbit.
An otter Netherland Dwarf is the subject of examination.   Judge Carol G. shows the 4-H youth lady how to properly turn the rabbit over and look at the nails.  

Daddy joined in to see the examination.

Here is a close up of judge Carol G. showing the nail check and the teeth check.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rabbit Hopping at Hollister

Rabbit hopping is now an integrated part of ARBA, shows are providing equipment and space for hopping activities.   It's more popular among the youth.

The novice jumpers tend to knock down the hurdles.

Some breeds are more suitable to do rabbit hopping than the others, Arielle is showing her Britannia Petite's jumping ability.

The Brit has the mind of its own, he decides to jump the opposite direction.

The Brit buck does a good job jumping on a leash or without a leash.

It's doubtful that any of the Angora breeds will make a good jumper.   They tend to sit there without movement in most cases and even if they jump, the long wool probably will swipe the hurdles off the stands.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Scenes in the Showroom at Hollister

The show at Hollister is very well attended.   After several days of rain, the sky is clear and blue, a perfect weather for a rabbit show.  

 The building has hardwood floor, clean and easy to roll the carts around.

Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley is one of the oldest rabbit clubs in Northern California.  
At the table, our able secretary Dolores is hard at work while Casey stops by to say Hello.

At the registrar's table, Ben is waiting for rabbits to be registered.   Lauralee is in the process of becoming a registrar.    The nice thing about Northern California/Northern Nevada area is that so many young exhibitors are aspired to becoming judges.   Each year there are many becoming registrars then wait to take the judge's test.      We are looking at two future judges in this area.

Judge Johnny and Betty have a photo op.    Both appeared in the "Rabbit Fever" movie.  Johnny is one of the stars in the movie and Betty has an appearance of a few seconds.

Are there some high level conference going on?   From left to right are Doug, James, Ray, Dolores and Randy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Two Cute French Angora Junior Does

Two 3-month-old French Angora juniors are waiting for their turns to go onto the show table.


The left is black and the right one is chocolate agouti.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Best of the Best In Show at Hollister

At the end of the show, all the Best In Show rabbits are gathered on the judging table for a "Best of the Best" judging.   CO judge Scott R and PA judge Johnny do the picking.   The winner is the Holland Lop bred and shown by Chris Z.   

One of Chris Z's Holland Lops won the Best In Show at the ARBA convention at Fort Worth.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Angora Judging at Hollister

In show A, judge Randy works on the white senior does.

Judge Randy works on the colored English Angora, Casey is waiting for comments.

Judge Randy comments on a chestnut French Angora, Lauralee writes.
In show B, judge Allen is comparing the white senior English Angora.

Judge Allen carefully goes through the wool of the colored English Angora.

Judge Allen is working on the colored English Angora.

In show C, judge Armando examines the white English Angora.

Two big colored English Angora are on judge Armando's table.

Judge Armando has dual license on rabbit and cavy, his fellow cavy judge visits, she is impressed by the English Angora.

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