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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill

Betty says,
Albert and I and buns live in Morgan Hill, a town of about 30,000 people connected at the southern tip of San Jose.   San Jose is the 3rd largest city in California.  Our town is semi rural but we can easily go metropolitan by driving 20 minutes north.

Morgan Hill has been in the national news lately, I received many messages asking whether our home and bunnies are OK.    So I'm posting a little something about the dam and the flood associated with it.

Anderson dam is up in the hill about 2 miles from our home.   When we moved to Morgan Hill some 30+ years ago, we were really concerned about the location.   If the dam breaches, the entire town of Morgan Hill would be wiped out.  

This particular photo is posted on the local news media while the rest of the photos on this page were taken by Albert.  

The spillway is to the north going toward the San Francisco Bay via Coyote Creek, passing through many cities including San Jose.  

Those area in Morgan Hill that are along the spillway toward the north are flooded, including the main freeway 101 from Morgan Hill to San Jose, thus it's closed for many hours.

Very fortunately for our family and our buns, our home is to the southwest of the dam, away from the spillway.  So far so good.  Thanks for all the concerns and messages.   Unfortunately for those who live north of the dam are getting the blunt of the flood, families are evacuated, properties are severely damaged.  

Thank you for asking about our safety, we appreciate it. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Melody's Great Day at Placerville

Melody has two beautiful French Angora colored senior does: Greta on the left and Maddie on the right.  
To increase the chance of winning, Greta is shown in youth and Maddie is shown in open.  
At Placerville, the strategy works out perfectly: in show A Maddie wins open Best of Breed over all the open exhibitors and Greta wins youth Best of Breed.

Things gone from good to even better, in show B, Greta wins all breed Best In Show in youth from judge Kendal.

Jill can't hide her pride and happiness, Greta was born at her home and Melody is a perfect student of Angora raising.  
Greta now has enough legs to be a grand champion, all her wins are top level wins: Best Opposite Sex of breed at the ARBA convention plus all breed youth Best In Show two times.

Here is another photo of her two pride and joy: Greta being held and Maddie on the grooming table.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Motherlode Valentine Show at Placerville


Motherlode RBA holds double open and double youth shows at Placerville on February 18, 2017.    The show date is four dates after the Valentine's Day but the show committee decide to call this show as the "Love My Valentine" show.

ARBA president Josh flies from TN, encountered bad weather in CA, had to change airport in order to avoid the big storm.

Judge Amy and hubby Mike drove late into the night to escape the big storm during the day.

Judge Scott R flies in from WY.

Judge Kendal is more local, from Sanger not too far from Fresno.

This is the first time for judge Carol to judge at this location.

Judge Doug moved from Fresno area to Tracy, he is now judging more often in No. CA shows.

Judge Jennifer likes to judge and also shows her Florida White.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Close-Ups of Angora at Stockton

Tort English Angora waiting in the judging coop.
Tort and chocolate tort English Angora both waiting.

Baby fawn English Angora first time in a judging coop.

Tort English Angora close up.


Fawn French Angora on the grooming table.

Fawn French Angora being blown.

White English Angora being groomed.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Picking a Bunny


Jill and Melody are trying to pick a French Angora buck for keep and Amanda is interested in learning.    

These junior bucks just got off the judging table and there were rankings.   Jill and Melody want an impartial party to check on the bunnies without knowing how judges placed them.   Casey is an obvious choice as she did not pay attention to the judging of French Angora.


Melody likes the blue buck that Casey is handling but the chocolate agouti that she is holding has been the choice of two judges.   Decision, decision...

Carolyn listens in the discussion.

The blue one or the chocolate agouti?   Melody went with her gut feeling and picked the blue.

Now it's Jill's term.  She wants a broken buck.    The broken fawn or the broken lynx?  They ask another impartial party to come check.

Cory is that impartial party, Carol G. is the breeder of this litter, she observes.
Jill goes with the broken fawn.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Grooming Time


Group grooming.

Betty grooming.

Amanda grooming.

Jill grooming.

Jill is happy with her grooming result.

Betty asks, you want to take my grooming picture?

Matt grooming.


Carol grooming, not an Angora but still a wool breed: American Fuzzy Lop.


Melody grooming.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Group of Angora Lovers

We have a very happy group of Angora lovers: from left to right are:
Carolyn, Casey, Matt, Betty, Carol G (front), Carol W, Melody, Renee, Amanda, Bailey, Jill, Christine and Linda.

All except one photos below are taken by Carolyn.  Thanks, Carolyn. 

Carol W. with her French Angora fawn buck.

Matt and his English Angora white doe.

Renee with her French Angora broken black junior doe Pandora.

Carol G. and her lovable French Angora chestnut buck Austin.

Casey's two English Angora tort bucks are adorable.

Jill and her beautiful French Angora fawn doe Incendio.

Betty has two cute English Angora fawn bunnies.

Melody loves her French Angora fawn doe Greta.

Amanda carefully brushes her French Angora chestnut junior doe Leda.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Amanda Loves Leda

Leda is a French Angora chestnut junior doe.
Leda is Amanda's first Angora rabbit. 

Amanda grooms and cares for Leda all by herself.

Leda loves to be handled and brushed.

Leda is a very lucky rabbit.

Amanda's mom is a professional photographer, all the above photos are lovingly taken by Christine.  Here is another close up photo of Leda.     We thank Christine for allowing us to use her photos.