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Monday, December 10, 2018

Scenes at the Hollister Show

On the day of the Hollister show, the rain came and went, this is during a down pour.

Dolores is the show secretary.  She was ill for a while but was able to make it to the convention to do the data entry work.  This is the first local show that she attended since her hospitalization.   We are very happy to see her.

The cavy corner.

Cavy judging.

One corner of the showroom that has both cavies and rabbits.

The judging stations.

The other side of the showroom are all rabbits.

At the wall is a 4H club fund raising booth selling t shirts.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Best In Show Judging at Hollister

Best In Show at Hollister starts around 7 pm.  It's a very long show date.    Judge Melinda from Oregon is the show A Best In Show judge.

French Angora on the Best In Show table.   Judge Melinda gave her a top three honor but just a bit short of Reserve In Show.

Judge Cheryl from Texas is the show B Best In Show judge.

 English Angora is on the table.

Judge Jennifer from CA judges show C Best In Show.

French Angora on the table.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Show C Angora Judging at Hollister

Judge Doug in show C examines the colored English Angora, Kelly clerks.

Doug likes this English Angora.

Doug examines the texture.

A cute English Angora black junior doe is on judge Doug's table.

To view the complete results, go to:

Friday, December 07, 2018

Show B Angora Judging at Hollister

Judge Ryan from AZ judges the Angoras for the first time in CA.   

Ryan compares two English Angora colored senior bucks.

The two BOV winners are on the table competing for BOB.

It was a hard decision, judge Ryan spends a lot of time comparing, shifting locations, blowing into the wool, feeling the textures, … finally he decided on the colored senior doe as the BOB.  

To view the complete results, go to:

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Show A Angora Judging at Hollister

In show A, judge Armando is comparing two English Angora white junior does.

Judge Armando examines two English Angora colored does. 

Judge Armando decides on the English Angora colored senior doe.

Judge Armando judged show B last week then show A this week.   He is very consistent, the four winners this week are identical to the four winners last Saturday at Stockton. 

To view the complete results, go to: 

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

French Angora HGF Tituba Wins the Best at the Christmas Show in Michigan

The huge Christmas show weekend in Frankenmuth, Michigan, aka Christmas Town USA, is now history.   It's one of the most attended show in the Midwest.   The "queen" of the show is once again a French Angora, same as last year.

Gabe grooms HGF Tituba.

HGF Tituba is the Best Group in show A, Best In Show in show B, BISS in two specialties, and …

Judges compare the best cavy and the best rabbit.

HGF Tituba is crowned as the Best of Best in the entire weekend.    She is the littermate of the 2018 convention BOB and BOS.  Now she will follow her sister's footstep to becoming a mama rabbit soon.

Gabe and Eric have a memorable 2018.   At the WCC, their chestnut doe won the Best of Best, another chestnut doe won the ARBA convention BOB and then this chestnut doe won the Best of Best at the Christmas show.    The also won all the BOSB and BOV.  In this photo, the white doe HGF Martha Corey won the BOV white in all shows during the weekend.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Reserve In Show Winners at Hollister

Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley holds triple all breed shows at Hollister on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

Show A Reserve In Show goes to Alan's Havana, judge Melinda from Oregon.

In show B, judge Cheryl from Texas picks Louis's English Spot as the Reserve In Show.  The same rabbit won Best In Show in show A and show B.

In show C, Ryan's Mini Rex gets the Reserve In Show from judge Jennifer.

Monday, December 03, 2018

Open Best In Show Winners at Hollister

Rabbit Producers of Santa Clara Valley holds triple all breed shows at Hollister on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

In show A, judge Melinda from Oregon awards the Best In Show to the English Spot shown by Louis.  This is the same Spot that won Best In Show last week.

In show B, Jeremy's Netherland Dwarf wins Best In Show from judge Cheryl from Texas.

In show C, judge Jennifer awards the same English Spot the Best In Show.

The English Spot shown by Louis has been the big winner both last week at Stockton and this week at Hollister.  It won two Best In Show and one Reserve In Show.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Jill Learns to Spin

Raising Angora is not just about breeding and showing, the other aspect of being an Angora person is to do crafts with the Angora wool.   Angora people are very willing to share.    At Stockton, Carol brings in a spinning wheel and Betty teaches Jill to get the hang of spinning.

A year ago at the Placerville show, Jill learned to knit.  See:
She has been knitting almost daily.  The natural next step is to learn spinning.  

Jill is very suited to all sorts of crafty things.  It took her less than an hour to get the idea of spinning.  Cory is fascinated with the whole spinning thing.    Jill is spinning along without any problem, the next step is to practice, practice and practice.  We probably will see her showing off her new Angora yarn in the next show. 

Saturday, December 01, 2018

A Good Day for Brandice at Stockton

Brandice gets a blow-grooming from mama Betty.

Mom, do you have to do that?

Yes, you want to be pretty, don't you?  You want to win, don't you?

Open show A judge Melinda likes Brandice enough to award her the Reserve In Show.

Specialty judge Kellyjo likes her enough to award her the specialty Best In Show.

Friday, November 30, 2018

NCAG Specialty Judging at Stockton

Northern California Angora Guild holds an Angora specialty show in conjunction with the CRCS all breed shows on Saturday, November 24, 2018.

Judge Kellyjo from CO is our specialty show judge.

Betty is the show secretary of the specialty show, works behind the table.  

Betty records judge Kellyjo's comments.

Judge Kellyjo is checking on the English Angora white senior doe.

Judge Kellyjo examines the English Angora colored senior buck.

Now the English Angora colored senior doe.

Judge Kellyjo judging the French Angora, Betty records.

Carolyn watches and takes photos of the French Angora judging.   All of the photos with Betty are taken by Carolyn.

The Giant Angora are on the table, Julie listens to judge Kellyjo's comments.

After the Giant Angora, judge Kellyjo needs to pick a specialty Best In Show.  She likes the English Angora white senior doe and crowns her the best.

Betty's English Angora gets the specialty Best In Show and …

Jill's French Angora is selected as the specialty Reserve In Show.

For a list of show results, go to: