Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Am Dreaming .......

Chris O. gets Nolan ready for the Best In Show judging.

Nolan falls asleep.

I am dreaming .....

I am dreaming of green green grass of home; I am dreaming of a white Christmas; I am dreaming of pretty does who love me; ......

I am dreaming of winning the convention Best In Show.....

Do I have to get up?

Dreams don't always come true. Who is the Best In Show? I guess it's not me!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trip To Louisville - SFO

Left to right, Carol G., Chris Z. and Betty at SFO. Betty is wearing a sweatshirt from the 1995 Louisville convention.

Chris Z. in line to check in. She prefers to have her Holland Lops in regular carriers.

The two dark blue kennels belong to Betty and the two tan kennels belong to Carol. Standing to the left are Jennie, Susie and Katie; Carol and hubby Jim are standing to the right. The Delta agent who is next to Jim is taping the flight information to the kennels.

Here is another view of the Delta agent taping flight information to Carol's kennel. The light beige kennel with a bungee belongs to Christina G. and the small green kennel belongs to Jennie.

These photos were taken on the first day of our convention trip on October 25. We all met at the San Francisco airport (SFO) around 3 to 3:30 am. Our Delta flight was scheduled at 6 am. With the check in of rabbits, baggage and having to go through TSA, three hours before the flight was definitely not considered as too early.

How do we pack the rabbits? Some use regular rabbit carriers then use the travel lock to clip two carriers together; some put rabbit carriers inside a dog kennel. There are pros and cons of using either system: air circulation is definitely better for carriers without the dog kennel but for wool breeds, the dog kennel tends to protect the coats. There is too much temptation for others to pull wool if the rabbits are exposed in the open. Airlines tend to prefer the use of dog kennels but those who use carriers still could get through.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clowning Judges

Allen and Randy are "harassing" Dolores.

Allen is now taller than Randy, did Randy shrink?

Is Carol G. performing in "Dancing With The Judges"?

Rabbit shows are fun; here are three judges clowning in the Turlock show last Saturday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turlock Show Angora Judges and Exhibitors

Allen is having a good time judging Satin Angora with Franco helping at the table.

Uno judges English Angora with John L. working as the writer.

Tracy works on a new scarf when waiting for show B.

Lindsay is getting ready to roll her French Angora to the judging table.

Carol W. takes a break during the lunch time.

Gabrielle and daughters Dominique and Elsa.

Elsa has a good day, her rabbit is the winner.

Elsa and the winner French Angora get to take a picture with judge Uno.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jessica And Caley Guest Blog From Canada

Prizes for Angora winners.

Tila Taquila's coat is too big for the judging coop.

Judge Kimberly Weems examines Tila Taquila. She went on to win double all breed Reserve In Show.

English Angora colored senior doe class. Can you tell which one is Tila Taquila?

English Angora that are shown by Jessica and Caley.

Jessica and Caley guest blog from Canada:

"I just finished reading the blog post, and I just have to say us Canuks are just as crazy! We just had a double show on Saturday, you would think since it was so soon after the convention that not too many people would go, it was actually one of the biggest Ontario shows this year! Crazy eh? There was a really wonderful turn out of gorgeous Angoras, about 20 French and English, and 15 Satins! Quite rare to have so many Satin angoras at a show, hopefully this means more people will continue showing them. I'm also pleased to say that our doe Bbeary's Tila Tequila Grand daughter of Chu's Cupid Took Aim won Reserve in show in both shows!! Not bad for a doe whose only 7 months old! She now has 7 legs. Our white doe Bbeary's Serafena out of Chu's Above & Beyond and Chu's Cupid took aim was BOV and our juniors sired by Chu's Above & Beyond dominated their classes, we couldn't be happier! I attached a few pictures from the show."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Maureen Goes To A Show

Which one is Bree?

Maureen writes for the breed.

Little rescue dog Roxy goes along to the show.

The show people in OH are as crazy as the show people in CA.
A week after the ARBA convention, both states are in full swing with shows again.

Maureen went to her local show in hope of getting the third leg for her white doe Bree. From looking at the top pictures, would there be any problem for her to win the breed?

Bree left the show room with her third leg as the Best of Breed out of 16 English Angora. It made mama Maureen very happy. Little rescue dog Roxy went to a rabbit show for the first time and she had a great time.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aaliyah Wins All Breed Best In Show

Left to right: Reserve In Show winner Melissa and her Mini Satin, Judge Scott Wiebensohn, Best In Show winner Betty and Aaliyah.

Judge Scott and Betty with Aaliyah.

Judge Scott and Melissa with her Mini Satin.

Scott judging Best In Show.

Scott checks Aaliyah's underside.

The first show after the convention was sponsored by The Rabbit Show at Turlock, CA. For those who did not go to the convention, they have been waiting for this show; for those who went to the convention, shows continue.

Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Aaliyah was awarded all breed Best In Show in show A. Melissa's Mini Satin took Reserve In Show.