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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Found On The Net: To Spin A Pig?

On our blog, we have seen reports of spinnable fibers from sheep, from Angora, Fuzzy Lop and Jersey Wooly rabbits, from Angora goats, from yaks, from Cocker Spaniel dogs, and from Curly Horse. Finally there is a pig that is good enough for spinning!

Three Mangalitza pigs have arrived at Essex Zoo in UK; they have wool that resemble the sheep wool; people call them the "sheep pig".

They are officially known as Mangalitzas and are native to Austria and Hungary, but do have a genetic link to the Lincolnshire curly coat, which roamed British fields until they went extinct in 1972.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Four Torts: Baby vs Adult Colors

Tort (Black Tort) aaB-C-D-ee

Self (aa), black gene (B-), full color (C-), dense color (D-) and

non-extension (ee).

Blue Tort: aaB-C-ddee

Self (aa), black gene (B-), full color (C-), dilute color (dd), and

non-extension (ee).

Blue Tort is a dilute of Black Tort.

Chocolate Tort: aabbC-D-ee

Self (aa), chocolate gene (bb), full color (C-), dense color (D-) and

non-extension (ee).

Lilac Tort: aabbC-ddee

Self (aa), chocolate gene (bb), full color (C-), dilute (dd) and

non-extension (ee).

Lilac Tort is a dilute of Chocolate Tort.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Kind Of Tort Is It?

From left to right are tort, blue tort, choc tort and lilac tort English Angora bunnies. They are not from the same litter thus not exactly the same age. The lilac tort is the oldest and the blue tort is the youngest of these four bunnies.

In the Angora color guide, under the tortoiseshell varieties, there are four listed: Tort, blue tort, choc tort and lilac tort.

"Tort" is actually black tort but the word "black" is not included in the name. The color genetic code for black tort is aaB-C-D-ee.

Blue tort is the dilute of black tort. The color genetic code for blue tort is aaB-C-ddee.

Choc tort carries the double brown gene (or choc gene). The color genetic code for the choc tort is aabbC-D-ee.

Lilac tort is the dilute of choc tort. The color genetic code for the lilac tort is aabbC-ddee.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Domestic Rabbits With Angora

It's such a pleasure to receive the current issue of Domestic Rabbits with English Angora on the cover and a two-page article about German Angora vs. Giant Angora. It's not a common sight to see Angora being put on the center stage in the official ARBA publication. Enjoy it.

With English Angora bunnies on the cover, this is a great issue of Domestic Rabbits. The photo is taken by Betty and the two bunnies are the son and daughter of Chu's Susie.

Louise Walsh has an article about Giant Angora vs German Angora, this is the first page.

This is the second page of Louise Walsh's article. Louise presented Giant Angora successfully in 1988 during the ARBA convention in Madison, WI.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double Shows With Snake River Rabbit Club

Randy is everywhere, this week he is judging at the border of Oregon and Idaho.

Randy just finished judging white English Angora, and now he is judging the colored. The BOB in both shows is Kathy's colored senior doe and the BOS is Brandy's colored junior buck.

Kathy is reading our NCAG newsletter.

This is the first: Cavy carrot-eating contest in a rabbit show!

A close up of the cavies competing in the carrot eating venue.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I LOVE The Sun

It had been raining for more than three weeks, I love the sun!

I Love the sun!

I LOVE the Sun!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dawn And Her Grandchildren

Each year we go to the shows in Myrtle Point, Dawn is always one of the most hospitable hosts. She takes good care of we out-of-towners while working hard at the shows.

Taking a break, Dawn got a visit from her grandchildren and their mother. Dawn sure is a very young grandma for the kids.