Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Hello, Alvin; Goodbye, Alvin

Alvin the harlequin rabbit comes back to visit Betty's pretty does for the third time since December.   He chins everything in sight to mark his territory.    Betty has the fences ready to corral him and then set up a cage with feed and water for him to jump in.  Within 10 minutes of arriving, he jumps in and enjoys the food.    Within another 10 minutes of a phone call, Julie and Cole arrive with their friend Matthew.  

Should I get in or not?

The food is good, and I like the toy.

I am enjoying this.

I like the bread!

Hi, Brother Cole, how's going?

Mama Julie, Bro Cole and friend Matthew are all babying me, I love that.

All the treats, am I in heaven?

I am getting a ride home.

Mama Julie says, "We are ready to go home".

Brother Cole (left) and friend Matthew (right) are my drivers.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Bakersfield Show Barn

Happy exhibitors enjoying the sun.  Left to right are Cindi and Lori who are holding Betty's two junior English Angora.

Barn scene from the edge.  In the middle in yellow jacket is April, to her right are Paul grooming his French Angora and his friends.

Judging stations are in the middle of the barn.

Brock and his Havana.  He used to raise Havana but had been out of the breed for a while.  Now he is back raising and showing Havana.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Judges, Judges and Judges at Bakersfield

Adam judges Mini Rex Specialty show.

Judge Ron judges Netherland Dwarf in show B. left is Cheryl whose rabbit won Best of Breed then went on to win Reserve In Show, right is Diego whose Holland Lop won Best of Breed.

Judge Joe is checking the French Angora during the Best In Show judging.

Judge Joe is examining the English Angora on the Best In Show table. This rabbit was chosen as Best In Show.

Judge Ray is checking on the English Angora on the show A Best In Show table while the Giant Angora is waiting to be examined. The English Angora went on to be awarded Reserve In Show.

Cavy judge Sharon is working at the cavy station.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Who's Fluffier, Betty or the Bunnies?

Betty keeps one of her Angora sweaters in her van just in case the weather turns cold.   At Bakersfield the fog and mist made the air chilly so Betty put on her Angora sweater.  When taking the two juniors back from the judging table, others commented that the bunnies and the sweater just blended into a fluff ball.    So who's fluffier?  Betty or the bunnies?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Santana Family's Great Day at Bakersfield

From left to right are Sky, Cruz, judge Adam and Diego.

Judge Adam flew in from WI to judge in Bakersfield.  The Santana family is in luck to get Adam as their judge; and they did very well with their Holland Lop.   Dad Diego is so proud of his two boys Sky and Cruz for caring well for their rabbits.   

In the background, Betty's English Angora are in the coops waiting to be judged next.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Three Breeds of Angora at Bakersfield

In the Kern County RBA all breed shows at Bakersfield, three out of four breeds of Angora were represented.   Satin Angora was the only breed missing in action.  In the entire all breed show, there were over 20 breeds represented in the shows.

Photos of the three Best of Breed Angora rabbits taken at the show are shown here.

 Best of Breed English Angora shown by Betty, went on to win Reserve In Show in show A and Best In Show in show B.

Best of Breed French Angora shown by Paul, received honorable mention as one of the contenders in show A.  

Best of Breed Giant Angora shown by Cathy.   Judge Joe said, "All three Angoras are very nice" after judging Best In Show in show B. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zeeva Wins Best In Show and Reserve In Show at Bakerfield

In the three weekends of showing in January 2012, Zeeva won all breed Best In Show twice and Reserve In Show twice; she is eight months plus 6 days old as of this weekend.

In the Kern County RBA show B, judge Joe picks Betty's English Angora colored senior doe Chu's Zeeva as the Best In Show and Cherly's Netherland Dwarf as the Reserve In Show.

Chu's Zeeva wins Reserve In Show under judge Ray in show A; Best In Show goes to Randy and Allen's otter Netherland Dwarf.  Judge Ray is holding "Cannibal", the winner Netherland Dwarf,  because Randy and Allen are judging in Oregon.