Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friends From Japan

Left to right, Hiroyuki Nakayama, Betty and Maiko Takegata. We see Hiro every year, he is a faithful attendee of the ARBA convention. He has just became an ARBA registrar, the only one in Japan; and he is working on his judge's license. Maiko has visited Betty's a couple of years ago, a big surprise then but now a friend.

Betty, Maiko and Maiko's friend with Chu's Mabel. Mabel is a grand champion English Angora white doe that will be going to Japan with Maiko.

Betty with Aiko Machida in the show room. Aiko is very active in the rabbit circuit in Japan. She has a bunny business and she puts on a pet fair and ARBA sanctioned rabbit show every November. This is a very popular venue in Japan, attracts thousands of people to the fair and the show.

Judge Carol Green with Aiko. Carol will be judging in the December show in Japan. The December show is sponsored by the club that Hiro is associated with.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dawn's Quick Trip

Betty, Lindsay and Gabrielle took a long trip to Myrtle Point, Oregon for five shows in March. Dawn played host and we all had a great time.

We looked forward to seeing Dawn in San Diego, except that her trip was very short. Dawn and hubby Ron drove in on Sunday, groomed rabbits and showed on Monday then Tuesday morning she was cutting down her doe and ready to leave. Her rabbits came in with a friend and went home with the same friend.

At least we got a chance to visit for a short while. Now we look forward to the next shows that we'd meet again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prize Winners At Award Party

MariePaule Ngo won the best garment and the Best In Show in the W/S/G contest. MariePaule was not in the party, Laura W. shows off MariePaule's work.

Betty's clipped English Angora wool was awarded the best overall wool out of four breeds and 16 entries.

Elsa picks up her open French Angora BOB prize from Judge Ray. The sweat shirt is a little too big for Elsa; it was hard to expect this little one being so competitive to win over all the adults in the open show.

Youth Satin Angora winner Danielle picks up a nice sweat shirt as her BOB prize from Judge Ray.

Dominique receives her BOB and BOS prizes from judge Ray.

Katie takes her youth BOS prize, an apron.

On Wednesday Nov. 4, an award party was held at Hilton. Pizza, soda, veggies and cookies were served as treats for the attendees. We all had a great time, unfortunately some had to leave early due to the Best In Show judging overlapped with a part of the time allotment at Hilton.

Betty, Lindsay, Anne, Nichole, Pat picked up their rabbit show prizes after the party; Pat also picked up her best skein prize at the show room. The best garment and also the Best In Show in the Wool/Skein/Garment contest was won by MariePaule Ngo who received the prizes after the party.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Hardest Workers At Angora Booth

Betty says,

"It's a lot of work to put on a national convention. Though it's small comparing to the entire convention, a specialty club still has more work than any few people could handle. I have attended 20+ conventions; but had never worked as a part of the host club until this one at San Diego. It was an eye-opener.

NCAG pulled together to be the host club with a lot of help. Lindsay and I worked behind the table with the able help of Margaret, seen in the middle of this photo. Carol W., left, decorated the Angora booth and pretty much took care of the booth during the entire week. Jennifer, at the right, worked tirelessly on the Wool/Skein/Garment contest and the award party and worked at the booth taking care of the cash box, selling raffle tickets and other stuff.

Without these tireless and able workers, we would not have been able to pull off the job being the hosting club. I wish to sincerely thank them for the jobs well done."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best In Show Production

Open English Angora is in Group 4, judged by Judge Wade Burkhalter.

Open French Angora is in Group 2, judged by Judge Glen Carr. Due to the distance and height of the stage, the show committee installed a big projection screen to help the view of those who are sitting in the back.

Youth French Angora is in the Group that judged by Judge Ray Stacy.

All BOB winners are seated at the first row reserved seats.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Susie And Maddex Are Top English Angora At Convention

Chu's Susie wins the English Angora Best of Breed at the ARBA national convention in San Diego.

With Betty being the Angora chairman, Chris has to take over most of the grooming of Betty's rabbits at the convention. By looking at Susie, anyone can tell that Chris is doing a great job.

Susie relaxes at Chris's lap.

Chu's Maddex wins English Angora Best Opposite Sex of Breed.

Maddex says, "Mom, where have you been? I miss you!"

Auntie Chris is taking care of Maddex when mama Betty is running around the show room.

Betty says,

"I have attended every ARBA convention since 1987 but I had never been a breed chair or a breed secretary. It was an eye-opener when I assumed the Angora breed chair's position when Tracy went out of rabbits. There were so much planning and information gathering that it consumed a lot of time before the convention. During the convention, the breed chair's job is like a fire engine; wherever and whenever situations develop, the breed chair has to be there.

My best friend Chris O. and I have been in conventions together since 1991. Chris used to show her own rabbits but in recent years she helps me to groom rabbits and does whatever is necessary. In Louisville last year, she groomed a half of my entries and the BOB winner Nolan was groomed by her. This year in San Diego, Chris pretty much took over my grooming. No matter how good the genetics are and how well that I've been maintaining my rabbits, the on-the-day-of-show grooming is vital to the success on the show table.

Without Chris doing most of my grooming, I would not have been able to do my job as the breed chair, taught my two classes at RabbitCon and show my entries well. I wish to publicly thank her for all her help."

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ray Judges Angora At Convention

Ray places English Angora white senior doe class.

English Angora colored senior bucks are waiting to be judged. Dale, Casey, Bill and Lynn are watching while Marcia is taking pictures.

Lynn, in red, is walking by while Charlie and Laura pose for a picture.

Marcia and Bill are having a good conversation while the English Angora colored senior bucks patiently waiting to be judged.

Ray is judging the last class of English Angora: colored junior does.

The BOV colored and BOV white are being compared for BOB. Ray picks the white senior doe.

White French Angora are on the table; Gabrielle is busy at picture taking while Bill helps to keep the coop door open.