Northern California Angora Guild

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Brock Meanor All Grown Up

In 2013 at the Harrisburg convention, Brock's English Angora won the youth BOB.

Betty's English Angora won open BOB.  Brock with his youth BOB winner and Betty with open BOB had a photo taken together at the Heinold booth.   Brock was about to graduate from high school, ready to go to college.

Less than five years later, Brock has graduated from college and now in law school, and he is judge Brock!   He has grown up so much that Betty feels like that she is shrinking.    In addition to his accomplishment in academics and in rabbits, he is also the youngest elected official in his town.   Are we going to see a congressman Brock, senator Brock or even the President Brock in the future?   

We are so amazed how many of the youth rabbit breeders become judges and are successful in their lives.  Rabbit raising teaches responsibility, commitment, family and friendship.  What a wonderful hobby.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Laurie Visits WCC Reno

Laurie does not show but likes to visit the shows.

This is the first time she visits the WCC event, it's a huge event that is unmatched by any other local shows.

Laurie's in law lives in Reno, comes by to meet Laurie.   She is shocked by the number of rabbits under one roof.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Friends at WCC Reno

One of the fun things about going to rabbit shows is socializing with friends.   From left to right are Joyce from CO, Arianne from OR, then Casey and Betty from CA.    Joyce is the hardworking show secretary for the Angora National.  She keeps the show going smoothly and her show reports were at our mail box almost instantaneously.   Joyce is a team member of the broken Satin Angora presentation this coming convention, and she also raises French Angora.    Arianne is branching out from just Satin Angora to including French Angora.    Casey and Betty are long time English Angora breeders, now Casey is branching out to Satin Angora and Betty branching out to French Angora.   

Carolyn is well-known for taking great pictures of people and rabbits in shows.   It's a rare occasion that we get Carolyn in front of the camera.  

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Animated Wonderlust

HGF Wonderlust is the BOV White at the Angora National.

Wonderlust and his papa Eric and papa Gabe.

Papa Gabe, you smell good.

Are you hiding a girl somewhere?

Tracy, you are pretty, can we kiss?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Angora National Results Posted

Eric and Gabe's French Angora HGF Faun wins the open national,
 Andie's French Angora SLR Evangeline wins the youth national.

The results of the open and youth national are now posted on:

Open NCAG specialty show results are also posted:

Monday, May 21, 2018

Lipton is a Show-Off

Lipton is a 3-1/2 months old chestnut French Angora buck, he is full of personality.

Hey, I am here!

Do you like my left side?

Or my right side?

I am so handsome that I will be the king of the show when I grow up.

You try to bribe me?  I got to keep my gorgeous figure to be a winner.   

(Photos taken by Carolyn).

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Gifta Gets a Hair Cut

At the Reno WCC event, Gifta won the BOB French Angora on Friday night.   It was planned that Gifta would be cut down after this big show, winning the BOB on Friday night sure was the icing on the cake. 

Betty says to Gifta, you'll get a hair cut as soon as we go home.

Gifta was born in March 2017, she has held on to her first coat for 14 months.

Gifta is being cut down at 14 months old.   The coat is a bit on the soft side but there is no mat, no molt, no bare spot, ...  if there are shows coming up in the next few weeks, she still would have a very good chance of doing well.   She has 28 legs, of which 25 are BOB wins.   These BOB winning advanced to 3 Best In Show and 4 Reserve In Show.

All the wool are free falling, no webbing or felting.

The wool that are cut have been put into the plastic bag.

Gifta has a very deep body.

The top wool are pull away, it reveals Gifta's gorgeous body type.