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Friday, July 12, 2019

Betty Grooming English Angora at Portola Valley

Normally Betty is behind the camera taking photos for our blog; thanks to Carolyn, there are quite a few photos of Betty grooming her rabbits.   Here is a photo of Betty grooming Frieda.    Frieda is a mature doe, she was born in spring of 2018, now almost 1-1/2 years old.  During Frieda's younger time, cousin Annisha was so dominant that Frieda was constantly in the shadow.    Now she finally gets the chance to come to shows to be a contender.

Frieda being groom.

Frieda in the wind.

While Frieda won two BOB out of three shows, junior doe Elsia made an entrance to win one BOB under judge Josh.   Elsia is only 5-1/4 months old at the time of the show, she has a bright future.

Another photo of Elsia on the grooming table.

Betty is grooming Fawndella.  As her name suggests she is a fawn, and a preferred chocolate fawn.  She has very clean face and bright color.   She is in the senior doe class but being just 6 months old, she cannot compete with cousin Frieda's massive coat.

Fawndella has a bright future, waiting for her time in the light.


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