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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Betty Grooming French Angora at Portola Valley

Carolyn catches some moments of Betty and her French Angora.   In this picture Betty is grooming Indigo Girl.   Indigo Girl just made 5 months old, this is only the second time she is in a show.    

Indigo Girl did well at the show winning a leg from taking the first place colored junior doe in the first specialty show.

This is Indigo Girl's littermate sister Chocolate Dream.   

Chocolate Dream is slightly smaller than Indigo Girl but she did unexpectedly well at the show.  In the second specialty show, she won over her sister and took the first place.  Even bigger surprise in the open show, she went over the gorgeous and more matured senior doe to win BOB.   She has a bright future in the fall shows.


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