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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Open All Breed Satin and French Angora Judging at Portola Valley

California Rabbit and Cavy Shows sponsor a single open all breed show at Portola Valley, CA on June 29, 2019.

The open all breed show judge is Kellyjo Younggreen of CO.   Masako flew in from Japan to do her "judge's assist".   Per ARBA rule, after a potential judge passes the written examination, there is a practical training requirement: assist and learn from experienced judges in 8 shows within a designated time.    Since there isn't as many shows in Japan as in the US, Masako flies into California to do 4 "judge's assist".   

After the lunch break, the open all breed show starts with Satin Angora.   Stephanie and Casey put the 8 Satin Angora on the table for judge Kellyjo and Masako to evaluate.

After the lunch break, the Angoras are due on the all breed show table.   It starts with the Satin Angora, Casey watches the judging.   Masako examines the rabbits with Cassidy helping with writing and translating.   Cassidy is also a judge and she is fluent in Japanese.    Joyce watches.

While Kellyjo is examining the Satin Angora on the right, Kate joins to help Masako.  Kate is a new judge who has just gone through the written exam and judge's assist and become a full fledge ARBA judge.   

The French Angora are on the table, Masako is between two judges: Kellyjo on the left and Kate on the right.

The French Angora on the table all have nice show coats.

Richard and Carolyn watch the French Angora judging.    Carolyn had English Angora in the 1970s but did not continue.   Now she's retired, she comes back to the wonderful world of Angora working on French Angora.

Kellyjo and Masako are examining the French Angora bucks.

The first coop on the left is the winner of the colored senior doe class, the second coop is the winner of the colored junior doe class, then the class winners of the colored senior buck and colored junior buck.    The BOB and BOS winners are the colored junior doe and the colored senior buck.     In Angora, it is allowed to "bump up", which means a younger animal can compete in the higher age class but not the other way around.  In this case, the colored junior doe and the two bucks are littermate brother and sisters that are 5 months old, one brother has been bumped into the senior class while the other two siblings stay in the junior classes.    Junior is defined as no more than 6 months old.   


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