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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Annual Barn Cleaning, Part 2

The interior of the barn is being power washed.

Lighting fixture on the right side is covered with a plastic bag while the power washing is being done.

The cleaned stacks are drying in the sun.

It's dark, people are tired but at least the cages are all back into the barn.

The other side of the barn.  Most of the rabbits got back to their condos by 2 am on day 2.   There were 7 left in the garage while they stayed in bigger carriers.

On day 3, rabbits are all back in the barn, our garage floor is also being power washed.   

It's hard to imagine, the rabbits could make quite a bit of poops and wool in two days.  A complete washing is in order.

Lots of carriers to be cleaned.

It was exhausting to take apart the entire set up in order to get a complete cleaning.  The end result is rewarding.    It'll be maintenance cleaning through out the year then this process will be repeated next summer.


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