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Friday, August 10, 2018

Carol Visits Shaw's Blue Mountain Fiber Mill, Part 1

Carol and hubby had a family vacation in PA visiting grandkids.   Carol says, "We visited the Shaw's fiber mill in Pennsylvania during a recent family vacation.  Angie, Ashley, Madi and Matt were so gracious and everyone enjoyed the trip.  I should have taken a photo of the building but forgot to do that but there are several of the interior.  After greeting Angie and family, we had to visit the animals.  There were two miniature horses, sheep, angora goats and of course rabbits."

In the above photo, Carol's daughter-in-law Heather and granddaughter Adara are visiting with the miniature horses.  

"The drive to Blue Mountain Farm and Fiber Mill is beautiful!  Although it seems very isolated, in fact their farm and home are only 10 min from Harrisburg and the PA Farm Show Complex."  In the photo are Carol's son Adam and grandson Adriel.  

Grandpa Jim holds Adara and visits with a Flemish Giant held by Madi.

"The mill was full of equipment including a picker, carder, and of course the spinner.  There were bags of unprocessed wool, as well as yarn waiting to be shipped out."

Processed rovings.

More rovings.

More equipment and processed rovings.

Rovings being processed.


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