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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Annual Barn Cleaning, Part 1

Carriers on the cage stands, it must be Betty's barn cleaning time.

Thirty plus English Angora are in carriers, they are going to have to stay in our garage overnight waiting for their condos being cleaned.

A swamp cooler is just outside of the garage in the upper left corner.

No matter how elegant they look, rabbits can make a mess over time.

The flame from a blow torch on propane helps to burn the wool and spider web cumulated in and out of the condos.

A strong power washer is a must for cleaning.

After flaming, the power wash blasts away the poops stuck on the cage floors.

The condos have peg board as dividers to prevent the rabbits from chewing on each other and reduce the chance of germ transfer.

There are lots of trays that need washing.

…. and more....


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