Northern California Angora Guild

Sunday, May 21, 2017

WCC MWARA Fiber Product Contest at Reno

Carol's gorgeous shawl is made from English Angora wool with the edging made from American Fuzzy Lop wool.   As you can see that the Fuzzy wool has more halo than the English Angora wool, Fuzzy has more guard hairs.

Carol's shawl is the Best In Show winner of the Wool/Skein/Garment contest.


Erica walks by to see what's going on with Carol and her basket of goodies.


Karin joins in the conversation, Carol's basket is the prize for the Best In Show win.
Both Erica and Karin are fiber artists, they can appreciate a good fiber creation when they see one.


Betty's English Angora wool gets a "Best Wool" win.   It's not as aligned due to the judging and handling.
The certificate of the Best Wool win.


Carolyn's scarves are the winners in the small wearable category and receive honorable mentions.



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