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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WCC Angoras on the Open Best In Show Table at Reno

 None of the Angoras made it to the top two spot on the Best In Show table.  It's interesting, however, to see the judges going over the Angoras.  

Maddie Pratt checks on the English Angora in show A.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Maddie Pratt checks the French Angora.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Josh Humphries checks the English Angora in show B.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Another view of Josh working on the English Angora.  Lindsey is in the photo on the very left side.

Lindsey is getting a close up of Josh judging the English Angora.

Peter Velcheck works on the French Angora.

Josh has the French Angora and Peter has the English Angora.

In show C, Jim Rowland has the English Angora and Scott Rodriguez has the French Angora.   Betty is taking picture of the judging.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

Lindsey works behind the table taking pictures of the Best In Show judging.

What are Scott and Jim discussing?   Disagreement?

They seem to be good in the next second.

Jim is telling Scott something.  Photo by Lindsey Vaught.

More checking, Lindsey taking more close-ups.

Even more checking.   Eventually the English Angora got the only honorable mention but did not make it to the top two spot.   From the photos, the two judges seem to have given it a serious consideration. 


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