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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Angora Waiting for the Judge

Rabbit show exhibitors put their rabbits in the judging coops then walk away so that the judges do not know who are the owners of the specific rabbits.
The judging coops are never big enough for Angora rabbits.    Here is an English Angora fawn junior doe.   Yes, junior, the coop is already too small.

This is an English Angora chocolate tort junior buck but shown in the senior buck class.

English Angora colored senior bucks, crowded coops.

English Angora fawn junior does.

The tort senior English Angora got its coat all smashed in the small coop.


This is an English Angora black junior doe.

A fawn junior doe and a black junior doe.

A tort senior English Angora.


The French Angora are also too big for the small coops.


This is a very young French Angora junior, the coop is about right for this young one.

The broken chestnut and chestnut French Angora senior does fill the judging coops.


Two chestnut French Angora who have very intense color.

The Giant Angoras are feeling more squeezed.


The beautiful shiny Satin Angoras are filling the coops.


More Satin Angoras waiting for the judge.


Most of the above photos were taken by Carolyn, we thank Carolyn for sharing.



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