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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ari Learns Himalayan

Ari lives in Indonesia, she is already a licensed ARBA registrar.

Himalayan is not a common breed in Asia.   It's a good chance to learn about the breed when she is visiting in the US.

Judge Allen is very kind to take time to teach Ari the fine points of comparing the Himalayan during the shows at Fresno.

The Himalayan is the only breed in the ARBA Standard of Perfection that calls for a long, narrow, and cylindrical body.  Such characteristics prompts breeders/judges/exhibitors to refer the Himalayan rabbit to have a snake-like appearance.


Judge Allen shows the proper way to pose the Himalayan: The body lies flat on the table to show its length, type and markings, as straight as possible when posed.

Ari tries her hands on posing the two Himalayans as instructed by judge Allen.


Judge Allen shows Ari how to check the markings.



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