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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Another German TV Filming of Betty's Angora - Part 2

It's a French Angora being filmed.   That's an unusual sight when it comes to filming.


When the news media came to my place, it's always about my English Angora.   It is understandable as I have been associated with English Angora for 35 years while the French Angora only has been in my barn since 2012.   On the table is HGF Uptown Girl who has recently weaned her litter of five bunnies.

It takes a bit of convincing to get Sven the producer/reporter to film me talking about French Angora.   

I'm putting Lady GiGi on the table to be filmed.

Lady GiGi and Uptown Girl are side by side.  Lady GiGi is in her first coat while Uptown Girl's coat is in the process of being built after having a litter.

Lady GiGi and Uptown Girl seem to like each other.


I'm being filmed blow-grooming a French Angora, that's a first!
Lady GiGi is quite well behaved to be blown on the turn table.


I hope the scenes of my working on the French Angora will make it to the final video. 

It takes more than an hour of filming to make less than one minute in the video to be aired, there are more scenes being cut out than being used.   Since the purpose of this team of three was to film my English Angora, it's a little "hairy" about whether the French Angora will make the final cut. 



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