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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Another German TV Filming of Betty's Angora - Part 4

The crew moves from indoor filming to our backyard where Jovanna and her babies are exercising.

Videographer Rowven is busy following where Jovanna and here bunnies are going.

Birds-eye view will be nice.

Sound man Dominik takes photos of Rowven filming the bunnies.


Rowven is down to his knees for the bunnies.

The close encounter of the bunny kind.

More down to earth filming.

It's a wrap!

From left to right are sound man Dominik, photographer/videographer Rowven, Betty and producer/reporter Sven.    Sven is the head of the team, he also will be the editor of all the films that the crew did in this trip.   The crew is from German TV RTL Televison based in Cologne; in a 7-day stay in CA, they film 8 stories.    The next story after my Angora is a visit to a convent in Merced.   When will be the segment aired?   I don't know.   As soon as I get a video, I'll share.



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