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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Bunnies' Photo Shoot

Nice weather, green lawn, and there's a photographer doing a photo/video shoot of Jovanna and her bunnies.


Photographer/Videographer Rowven is filming the bunnies.


Rowven is examining his screen to see whether he likes the shots.


Dominik is the soundman but he joins in to photograph the bunnies.

Both Dominik and Rawven are hard at work to record the Jovanna and her bunnies.


Now producer Sven comes into the picture to give some instructions.

How about a close up shot?

Jovanna does not have a show coat but her coat is not bad at all considering that she only gave birth to her bunnies less than two months ago and that she has been nursing them.


Rowven wants to have a top view of Jovanna and her bunnies.  

What's the occasion that brings a producer, a photograph/videographer, a soundman... to Betty's place?  
Stay tuned.



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