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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friends From Japan

Left to right, Hiroyuki Nakayama, Betty and Maiko Takegata. We see Hiro every year, he is a faithful attendee of the ARBA convention. He has just became an ARBA registrar, the only one in Japan; and he is working on his judge's license. Maiko has visited Betty's a couple of years ago, a big surprise then but now a friend.

Betty, Maiko and Maiko's friend with Chu's Mabel. Mabel is a grand champion English Angora white doe that will be going to Japan with Maiko.

Betty with Aiko Machida in the show room. Aiko is very active in the rabbit circuit in Japan. She has a bunny business and she puts on a pet fair and ARBA sanctioned rabbit show every November. This is a very popular venue in Japan, attracts thousands of people to the fair and the show.

Judge Carol Green with Aiko. Carol will be judging in the December show in Japan. The December show is sponsored by the club that Hiro is associated with.


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