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Monday, January 20, 2020

Angora Wins Best In Show at Bradford Premier Livestock Show

In UK, the Bradford Premier Livestock Show in January is comparable to the ARBA national convention in the US.   

The Best In Show in the 2020 Bradford Premier show is an Angora.   In UK, there is only one breed of Angora, thus no distinction of English Angora, French Angora, Giant Angora or Satin Angor.   Since it's UK, the Angora is similar to the English Angora in the US.

The white Angora bred and shown by Adele Fox is the Best In Show winner.  Adele and her Angora are frequent winners in the UK show circuit, see 

A closer look at Adele and her Best In Show winner.   Adele visited the ARBA convention in 2018, see 

Gorgeous Angora.

Our Eric Stewart is in UK as an invited judge judging "International Stake", has a picture taken with Adele and her big winner.

Eric and some Angora breeders at Bradford.

We thank Eric for sending the photos and information.    


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