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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sunday First Show Angora Judging at Red Bluff

On Sunday morning, English Angora was called to the table really early.  There was only one breed with one entry before English Angora.    The two white senior does are in the judging coops, they are barely regroomed since the day prior.

The two white junior does are not too prepared either, but it's time to be judged.

Judge Cathy is in her Christmas attire, red and green, easy on the eyes.

Judge Cathy is comparing the two white junior does.

The three English Angora colored senior bucks are in their coops.  They are brothers and half brothers with the same sire. 

Now it's the colored senior doe class.

Judge Cathy reads the ear number of the colored senior doe.

Judge Cathy is now judging a French Angora junior.  The showroom is not as crowded as on Saturday but still full of exhibitors and rabbits.

Arianne takes over the clerking for a while, on judge Cathy's table is a French Angora colored junior buck.  This color is strikingly bright.

There are 8 colored Giant Angora showing as "display", there are 6 chestnut and 2 black.   Giant Angora at the current time is only accepting white, thus these colored ones are being evaluated but not eligible for legs and wins.


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