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Monday, July 10, 2017

Small Animal Barn at the Alameda County Fair

Betty visits the Small Animal Barn at the Alameda Fair.   Who's the Boss?  Allen!

Needless to say that rabbits are the mainstay at the barn, we are so familiar with them that instead of featuring rabbits, we are going to feature something different.

There is a display of egg hatching in the building.  

This is a close up of the hatching equipment and some of the few-day-old chicks huddled next to the machine.

At a corner just under the heat lamp there are some day-old chicks.   The building is air conditioned so the chicks still need the heat lamp to help keep them warm.

There are some silkies for sale.   Silkies are the Angora of the chicken world, they have longer feathers and require some grooming.

Here are some regular chickens for sale.

And there are some young turkeys for sale too.

The barn also houses the  cold-blooded snakes, etc.

This snake's name is Delilah.


The name of this "thing" is on the upper right side.

Another snake.  

No, you are not looking for a snake hiding somewhere.   Look at the green thing hanging on the right, that's what you are looking for.   It's a "Cuban Knight Anole".  


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