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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Dyeing Angora Raw Wool

Betty cuts down an English Angora doe and got 5 ounces of prime wool.  She says, "I normally dyed the spun yarn than raw wool but decided to play with the raw wool.   I found it easy and safe".
I put the wool in a container under the faucet and use Dawn dishwashing liquid to aid the quick soaking.


Just a little drop of Dawn is enough to do the job.


I use a large cooking pot and four packs of Kool-Aid.

I put the wool in the cooking pot and cook it on the stove top, bring it to broil and turn off the heat.


I put it aside for cooling, you can still see the steam from the heat.


Now the wool is totally cool down and the color is showing very well.


I use my fingers to take the wool out of the pot.


I place the wet wool on a towel, when the towel gets wet, I change to another towel.


After three to four towels, the wool is damp but not wet anymore, I take it inside and spread on yet another towel and let the wool dry overnight.


The next morning the wool is very close to being dry, I use my fingers to tear the wool into fluffy piles.   If you like even color and smooth yarn, you may want to run the wool through a carder.   My taste is variegated color and lumpy yarn so I consider this pile of wool ready for spinning.

Spinning straightly from the dyed wool pile, here is a skein of variegated art yarn.   There is enough wool for another skein of similar size.  




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