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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WCC 2016 - Top Winners of Show B and C on Sunday

WCC holds double open and double youth shows on Sunday, April 10, 2016 with 40+ breeds and thousands of entries.
The first show on Sunday is designated as show B, judges Josh from TN and Jim from FL award the all breed Best In Show to Betty's English Angora.

In show C judges Bryan and Maddie award the all breed Best In Show to Kathi's Polish.

The Reserve In Show in both show B and C is the Californian shown by Randy, Alan and Jonathan, the same rabbit won the Best In Show in show A on Saturday.


Youth show B Best In Show goes to Lindsey's New Zealand, judges are Ruth Ann from PA and Josh from TN.

Youth show B Reserve In Show is Abigail's Lilac.  Joining in the photo is Adam from OH with judges Josh, Abigail and Ruth Ann.  Adam is the reigning ARBA King.


Youth show C Best In Show goes to Liana's Havana that also won the youth Best In Show in show A on Saturday.  Judges are Eric from PA and Mike from IA.

Youth Reserve In Show in show C is the Thrianta.






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