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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Did You Miss the January Jamboree Show?

  Saturday, January 10, 2015,  driving on highway 29 into the world-famous Napa Valley wine country with vineyards after vineyards on both side of the road, exhibitors arrived at the Rutherford grange.    The sign says "January Jamboree" parking.  Really?  We are going to the January Jamboree show?   Isn't the January Jamboree show next weekend at Vallejo? 

January Jamboree show secretary Stephanie says, "Are we having the January Jamboree show today?"

See, this is the parking sign for the January Jamboree show.


You must have missed our show!!!

Don't worry, you did not miss the Sonoma-Marin RA January Jamboree show.  It's still to be held this coming Saturday January 17, 2015.      Why this sign?   Napa 4H holds the double open and double youth show at Rutherford on January 10 but the parking sign uses the name of the Sonoma-Marin RA's January Jamboree show.



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