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Friday, October 17, 2014

English Angora Judging at Gridley

There are 25 English Angora entries at Gridley, a very good number.   The judging table has a capacity of 16 coops, in the above photo are all the white and some of the colored English Angora.
Here is another view of the English Angora in the judging coops.

In show A, judge Susan from Utah is examining a colored English Angora.   Casey is writing down comments from Susan.

Show B judge is Neal from Utah, he is placing the white English Angora.  Mac is watching judging carefully, he has become an English Angora owner at Gridley.


The English Angora does fill the coop and more, judge Cathy is working on the colored senior doe class.

For a complete list of English Angora and French Angora show results, go to:



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