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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guys with Blowers

Usually we see gals blowing their wool rabbits outside the showroom.  At Reno, we see Allen blowing Dreamsicle, the French Angora that he is showing for Eric.

Now adding another guy with blower:  Timmy is blowing the Jersey Wooly that he and his wife Danielle are showing.

Now the third guy is added to the blowing crowd!   Nate is blowing his
American Fuzzy Lop that he and his son are showing together.   

These three rabbits are big winners during the weekend:
The French Angora is the Best In Show winner of Angora National, all breed show A and show C and the Best Overall Rabbit of the entire event.
The American Fuzzy Lop is the winner of the Reserve In Show in show B and the specialty Best In Show.
The Jersey Wooly is the Reserve to Reserve In Show in all breed show A and specialty Best In Show.



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